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What about lids for your HLT and boilers?
What did you do there , or no lids?
My HLT is a 30 litre URN, that has a lid that I keep on it. Helps maintain the temp and gets it up to temp quicker.

Sounds like your HLT will be like my boiler.
For that I use a large enamel tray (like a big drinks tray) for my coverted keg boiler.
But I only need a lid until it comes to the boil, then no lid required (otherwise big boilover).

Got a large 50L pot and the best I could come up with is a piece of corigated iron and a brick. :rolleyes: Bloody rough but it does the job for the right price.
When I had my boiler modified I found a suitable pot lid from a 20lt stock pot and had the hole cut to suit
OK may cut a couple of pieces of ally tonight at work , sure to be able to come up with something better than corigated iron and a brick Jason !
:ph34r: :eek: :p
hey batz
good to see im not the only one who finds night shift very rewarding.
dont ya just love it even if we are sleep deprived at times.
Hate nights , can't sleep during the day even after years of it , but nights over the weekend , nobody around , 12 hours worth of brew gear homers ! :D :D
Hey, it took bloody ages to find the right brick for the boiler :rolleyes:
yep i use a lid on the must help conserve some gas i would think and save time on heating up.
with the boil i only cover the kettle untill it starts to boil then you have to let everything get out not fall back in.

i use the same as linz,stock pot lids.
i have a glass one for the kettle.

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