What Is A Noble Hop?

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It seems that they are used for flavour / aroma. Is this correct?
Or are they the 'original' brewing hops?

What are the different types of noble hops?
A noble hops tends to be low alpha acid and high on flavor and aroma

Sometimes used for bittering, but that gets a bit expensive

It all has to do with the ratios of alpha and betal acids, hydrocarbons, oils etc

Jovial Monk
So you would use noble hops to dry hop?

Saaz, cascade etc.

Could anyone then tell me what a good bittering hop for and American Pale Ale would be?

Assuming that I am using Cascade for flavour and aroma.
Yould use Cascade for bittering as well for quite a smooth bitterness, the only problem being the expense of using quite a few grams. But if you are looking for big hop flavour you will need a pile of cascade added late anyway, so doesnt add a lot to the brew cost.

Otherwise the high alpha C hops like Chinook and Centennial give good bitterness for less grams. Use Chinook if you like grapefruit flavours.

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