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iv'e posted this same thing on grumpies wonderful site.
but i'll ask you aussie home brewers to help me out.since your forum is of equal magnificents.

why is it that as soon as i pour a pint of lovely ale within a few minutes its gone?
does it evaporate?
are the ale gods taking a swig while iam not looking?
it seems the better the beer the more quickly the pint gets emptied.
does anyone else have this problem?
it never seems to happen that much with comercial brews.but my ale seems to disapear after a few minutes in the glass.

maybe its all those thirsty strains of wild yeast
It is a case of Beer Osmosis

  • Diffusion of fluid through a semipermeable membrane from a solution with a low solute concentration to a solution with a higher solute concentration until there is an equal concentration of fluid on both sides of the membrane.
  • The tendency of fluids to diffuse in such a manner.
This can only be likened to the powers of a jedi knight (feel the force luke, and I feel a disturbence in the force, and the force is strong with this one).

Also like the powers of a jedi knight it only occurs in certain individuals that posses the supernatural ability to taste the beer and feel the beer even though the beer has not been poured yet (this also explains rapidly depleting kegs).

In the padwon stages of developement Beer Osmosis is likened to young apprentices going out and having a few beers and only remembering having a couple but in actually fact have consumed substantial quantities and feeling very drained the next day to the point where Reverse Beer Osmosis quite often occurs.

HTH Beers,
hey i have the same problems with my kegs.i just get real used to it then pppffftttt its only shooting out gas and froth.weird hey lol
thanx being a masterless apprentice i was a little unsure.

iam confussed because most people talk of four weeks being the best for conditioning.but i have found the beer seems to taste its best and does the most conditioning in the 30 mins after its all gone.

works on plastic cups too.
whats your handle on the grumpy forum.

i'll get too some serious stuff later.iv'e had a few kegs that have managed to last longer than expected and when i get to the very last few pints.they are very bright clear and the malt balance is brought forward.it does'nt happen gradually just one day its bang! clear when iam at the end.
i don't go to much effort to serve bright clear beer.haven't the space or time or need.
on the serious note what i was talking about before with kegs does'nt always happen.
has anyone else got some experience with this.
my best one so far for this was a steam beer which i made last for over 3 months.but it was the same thing one day slightly hazey then bang clear the next then bang gone after 3 pints.
i have heard some people don't like the last pints like this but i am in my element when this happens.
I've only posted a couple of articles at Grumpys, it was about a thermostat for a fridge conversion,I used my given name ,Graeme.
thanx fingers
i didn't mean to sound like a know it all about the glass issue.i reckon everyone might aswell post things as how they see them.but its hard when you don't know exactly where everyone is coming from.

the forums must have doubled the amount of people using them in the last few months.craft brewing is on its way to big things in oz.i wonder where the brewcraft stores will end up soon,most likely broke.

cheers jayse
interesting thought about the brewshops jayse.i was at a brewshop the other day which as you know i dont get to visit very often and i gave the bloke a good rap from a few postings on this site.i travelled a fair way to get there he had a good range but to cut a long story short hes not on the web and had no idea on the positives of the feed back that can be gained from sites like this.he seems to be keeping up with the advances in homebrewing but it makes you wonder if the owner is not savvy to what the buying public wants then what hope has he.
dare i say it but the web sites we know of through responses could make or brake these shops.
full mashing is a big aspiration of many brewers myself included and it is not much help when you go into a hbs and they have no idea or inclination to help or even include in there stock any mash stuff that may help you.
its hard for people like me that travel half way across oz to hit the hbs scene only to be confronted with no stock that can help or give me ideas.
i havent given up yet as i still have quite a few hbs to visit whilst in perth
will see how i go

big d
i bet there are some awesome h.b.s's around.theres at least four i know of in adelaide.but brewcraft stores don't come anywhere near them.
i wont go into too much as to why.but these blokes are real grumpy don't sell any of the products that they should.
none of the brew craft stores iv'e been in have any mash brewer as customers.one guy said to me its a waste of time.
without being rude i looked around and walked out.

this being a open forum i think we can say what we like about who ever we like.not sure fiscus?can we?

anyway these brewcraft guys are useless.i can't say enough bad things about them.
I got quite a kick out of the debate,had a bit of a giggle, looking forward to the next chapter. cheers
ps.. we have a new hbs here in the southern highlands and it's run by a bloke who knows his stuff,hope he hangs around for a while.
I had a similar experience to you, in the fact a guy at a HBS in Sydney said that mashing wasn't necessary 'cause you can make just as good as with kit and dry malts and hops.
Well last visit he's gone and got a huge grain mill, carries sacks of grain and even devised mash bags similar in size to the grumpys bags but all grains.
I just guess that a little birdy got into his ear........or the profit margin was there for him.
bigd, hope you get to visit those hbs before the weekend. Wouldn't mind hearing your impressions.

Visit malthouse on welshpool road and west brew (or brew west??) in osborne park.
well i only go to brewcraft for my dme for starters bottle caps and the last brew i did a heratige larger for a quick summer guzzler and thats it they are all useless in sa
yep i looks like i'll be using the brewcraft store around the corner for when i need some D.M.E in a hurry.bigw don't sell it anymore only the mixed packs with dextrose as well in them.iv'e used the liquid amber one for the last few starters.which is half dextrose.
if i wanted to go all out i could make up a mash of pale malt boil it up and save that for starters.but using D.M.E it so easy.if iam gunna do a mash brew i want to go all out and make me 40litres of fine ale.

don't stop with the brewcraft abuse fellow brewers.i don't think we can do that sort of stuff on the grumpies forum.they could properly file a law suit or something who knows.
tthe brewcraft dme (the munton one) is a good quality and good for starters .I once used dme from another place and i to ditch the starters as they didnt start so i had to use safale 04

Jayse harris scarfe sell coopers stuff now with the cans and brew boosters and 500grm od pale malt dme so u can go their but i think brecraft is cheeaper but that one on hampstead is one grumpy bugger i dont go to him though
hey jazman
has grumpys opened a third store.?
ive never met grumpy bugger .
cheers big wandering d
yeah that hamstead road guy.what a wanker.
every good brew shop i go in i can't get away because the owners will talk my ears off.even if iam only buying a few bucks worth of stuff.
that guy on hamstead road if he says something he just makes statements.he could'nt hold a conversation about brewing.also the brewcraft guy in morphet vale could be this guys twin brother.same type of thing another wanna be.
in the real craft brew stores. iam like i have too go now.then end up talking for another half hour.really good guys.
maybe the brewcraft guys don't talk just sell because thats all they know.

anyway thanx jazman on the harris scarfe heads up their is a store in the same place as bigw.

grumpy dave mentioned they were looking at opening up a store near maclaren vale.

bigd you would'nt give that grumpy bugger two seconds of your time.
another southern grumpy outlet?
i reckon they should open one up in the northern suburbs.
tea tree gully elizabeth gawler maybe a bit more into the wine region.gotta look after you northern suburb brewers

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