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Hi All,

I'm looking for somewhere in Brisbane where I can get an old keg to turn into a brew kettle, anybody know somewhere that has one/some?

Thanks, Cam.

ps. my first post! :D
Start visiting scrap yards, amazing the stuff you can pick up. My treasured 18 gallon keg came from a scrap yard. Plus lots of ss stubing, valves, copper piping etc.

Have also seen 50 litre kegs as well.
be aware the big breweries are clamping down on the sale of kegs by scrapyards, at least in SA

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or go aliminum its legal and search fro a old thread on it so for about $80 u can get a 60 litre pot then buy same ball valves ect light to lift easy to clean..
And brewers in adelaide i may bee soon selling my legal 45 barrel keg kettle as i will be going to ali :D :) :eek: :chug: :chug:

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