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1) I feel like a Coopers.

2) The new Coopers site is great, check it out.

3) Just got an invite to the Coopers Club meeting on November 8th in Brisbane - very keen!! Who is going to this so we can possibly catch up?

4) Coopers are releasing two new beers, I hear. They only have their ales out up here, I'm thinking one might be a mainstream lager (not like their Draught and DB) and one may be a wheat. Any ideas?

5) I feel like a Coopers.

Good to be back,
1- I have some heritage in my fridge, but I think I'll have my honey beer instead

2- later.

3- all my travel money is going towards my great end of degree trip

4- I have heard the rumours before in other threads (I don't know which), and there are a lot of whispers. The stromgest ones I have heard is that one is a lager, but as to the id of the other one, well, it gets a bit more dicy.

5- I have some heritage in my fridge, but I think I'll have my honey beer instead
Maybe a nice peach ale from them would be nice

There arent many people with the guts to commercially release a beer as different and non main stream as a Peach Ale ;)

Come to think of it there arent many people that stupid :blink:


In fact I am going to have a Peach Ale right now :beer:
i've been mocked for my fruit in my beer habit
but i've also come up with some fruity weird beers :p
I just shared a peach ale with the wife, and we were both impressed. Definitely a warm lazy afternoon sort of beer.

From what I've heard the new coopers beers will be a lager (made with input from Chuck Hahn), and a 'premium' light, which will be blighted by the curse of the premium. Any beer with the word premium in its name is invariably crap.
if its regency light they are releasing its not too bad as a light. it has a full bodied taste while being a light beer and their mild ale isnt too bad ether. i had regency when i was in adelaide last year cause its all i was allowed to drink due to medical reasons.
i hear HEAPS of people bag Regency Light, but out of all the light beers, I'd rather drink a light ale than a light lager.
Have you moved all of the peach ale yet?
If not, my offer still stands (~5 cartons or so).....
barls said:
and their mild ale isnt too bad ether.

Are you kidding? It's one of the blandest beers in oz, I can't beleive its an ale. As flavourless as a Pure blonde or a cascade st george :excl:
Dunkel_Boy said:
2) The new Coopers site is great, check it out.

Yeah all that money spent on a flash new website complete with wanky jazz music and fake pub noise, but they didn't check the spelling too well :excl:
Any body else spot the mistake?
Dunkel Boy

my appologies but what was your offer? I may have had one peach ale too many!
pm me and I am sure we can work it out to your advantage!

Barfridge, was the peach ale brewed by your good self or was it mine? always happy to get feedback or research information.
It was yours of course, sourced from the international beer shop here in Perth.

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