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Neal Cameron is the Sydney trainer for Beer Academy Australia.
He will be leading a course coming up on 16 July 2012 06:00 PM at the Lord Nelson on How to Judge Beer.

Neal is a judge at the Australian International Beer Awards and the Sydney Royal Beer Competition (Easter Show) among others and if you're wanting to expand your knowledge, this is a great start.

All the details are avail here and a summary below.


PS: I'm not affiliated with Beer Academy Aust, just spreading the word.

How to Judge Beer (1/2 day)

A half-day Beer Academy training course designed to help professionals, enthusiasts and beginners understand how to assess and judge the quality and style of a beer. This knowledge can be used to enhance the experience and enjoyment of tasting beer as well as preparing judges in beer competitions for the processes and standards required.

The course will cover:

Flavour; taste; aroma; smell
What do we mean? Using the senses - sight, taste, smell, feel
Where do beer flavours come from?
Raw materials in brewing, fermentation & maturation
Identifying the major flavour contributors in beer
The flavour wheel, terminology, the language of flavour
Beer defects
Flavours in the wrong place!
Beer styles
Where do they come from? How do we define them?
How do beer competitions work?
How to prepare - practical tips. Panel interactions and protocols

All delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Price: $120 per person, including samples.

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