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Got a bit of a brewing club happening at work and we have decided to bite the bullet and buy some cleaning and sanitising chemicals in bulk to save some cash.

We have decided to go down the sodium percarbonate path for cleaning and the phosphoric acid path for sanitising.

Any one in Syndey know of a good supplier of each.

Did a bit of a search tonight and found this place at Caringbah. Good web site.

The PinkChlor, Wipeout, DFA100 and Scale off sound interesting.

Scale off in particular sounds like what we are looking for:

product data sheet:

MSDS sheet:


Ingredients phosphoric acid and polyglucoside, (which from a quick google is a natural surfactant).

Price: $131 for 25l and $91 for 3 x 5l.

Doesn't give the concetration of phosphoric acid though.

ANy feedback much appreciated.

Cheers - Richard.

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