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Recipe Feedback : Oktoberfest/Märzen

Discussion in 'General Recipe Discussion' started by Luxo_Aussie, 20/11/19.


  1. Luxo_Aussie

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    Posted 20/11/19
    G'day All,

    Done some digging into the best AG Oktoberfest/Marzen style of German lager and pieced together the following, keen for thoughts from people who have brewed this style before :

    Hacker Pschorr Original Oktoberfest
    Style : Märzen (6 A)
    Type: All Grain Batch Size: 25.00 L
    Boil Time: 60 min
    Est Original Gravity: 1.058 SG
    Bitterness: 24.2 IBUs
    Est Color: 25.3 EBC (11.8 SRM)
    Ingredients Amt Name Type
    2.400 kg Munich Malt (Brewferm) (15.0 EBC)
    1.800 kg Maris Otter (Muntons) (6.0 EBC)
    1.000 kg Vienna Malt (Weyermann) (7.5 EBC)
    0.500 kg Caramunich Malt (Weyermann) (120.0 EBC)
    0.030 kg Carafa® Special type 1 Weyerman) (900.0 EBC)
    45.00 g Hallertauer Mittelfrueh [3.70 %] - Boil 60.0 min - 16.2 IBU's
    35.00 g Tettnang [3.00 %] - Boil 25.0 min - 7.1 IBU's
    15.00 g Tettnang [3.00 %] - Boil 5.0 min - 0.9 IBU's
    1.0 pkg Octoberfest/Marzen Lager (White Labs #WLP820)
    Mash : 15@55 | 30@62 | 25@64 | 25@69 | 10@78

    This should be right for bitterness, colour & gravity/alcohol based on the BJCP style guidelines but I was wondering :
    1) Is the late hop additions correct? If there should be more/less late hop additions or even one at flameout.
    2) Some recipes also call for a touch of acid malt to improve the mash - worth it or not?
    3) I've used Maris Otter in lieu of Pilsner on purpose on this batch, trying to give even more of an extra malty edge - anyone done this before?
    4) What sort of step mash would work best for a Marzen? I'm just guessing here!

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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