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Batz Brewery...Hand crafted beers from the 'Batcav
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Ok I fly out Wendnesday , I take it the Moon & Sixpence is a goer on Friday

What time will we meet there?

Cheers batz
I will knock off somewhere around 5.15-45 and can be at M&S within 10 minutes. If something happens it could be earlier, but probably not.

I know kook and goat, but how will we pick you from the hordes, Batz?
start a poll DB, whats batz look like? :lol

the bat mobile should be a give away.

cheers jayse
and dont forget the skin tight ball hugging black leather outfit . :D
It's hard to hide an old guy from the bush

Really I stick out like ...... an old guy from the bush
is this him? :lol:

I'll be there at 5pm. I'm planning on going to Westende beforehand for a beer, then to Moon & Six.

I'm not hard to pick out. I'll probably be wearing a malt shovel brewery tshirt, and most probably have a notepad next to my beer :)
where's Westends ?
I'll be carring a carboard box , with Goats grain mill
Well it's looking 80% sure that I will be on call so I doubt I will be there ... if for some reason I escape it then I shall be there.

If not have a good one..
LOL!!! Big D

Batz Morgan!!!!
Is he related to that kit beer you can buy???
I'll wear my Grumpy T-shirt

See ya there
I will be in Perth but have to be somewhere else later in the evening. Will be at the M and S and if early will pop into the Westend first to help Kook with tasting notes.
What's westend???

Adelaide beer I know
By Westende I am pretty sure Kook means the Belgian beer cafe, further up Marray St and on the other side from Moon and Six.
I will try to find it
I'll probably be at Westende (Belgian Beer Cafe, corner of King & Murray street) at about 4.15-4.30 pm.

If anyone wants my mobile number, PM me.

I will try to make it there

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