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Doctor's Orders Brewing
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Tonight I kegged my Marzen-Oktoberfest and it is tasting fantastic.

However I realised that the calandar is full for the next few weekends and that an AG brew wasn't going to be possible.

The brew pantry was looking a little bare but I basically threw what was left at a brew.

Doc's Bavarian Brown Ball Buster
ESB 3kg Extra Special Nut Brown Ale
Billingtons Molasses sugar 500g
Country Brewer Stout pack
- 600g Dark Malt
- 400g Maltodextrin

Had a 750ml bottle of White Labs WLP920 Old Bavarian Lager yeast cake from a previous brew so pitched that.

SG 1060

Smelling and looking great.

Sooooo....... what have you guys thrown together in a hurry when the fear of an empty fermenter or low beer stocks gives you the willies?

One due to be kegged tomorrow was a quick kit beer due to lack of stock:
Coopers Dark kit
1KG Dark LME
500G Billingtons Light Muscovado
25G cluster pellets and 20g cascade pellets.. (boiled with LME, cluster 45min, cascade 15)
18L total volume, 2 packs of coopers generic yeast rehydrated.. OG was 1065 :)

Another recent kit beer that i kegged (and drank rather quickly) was:
Coopers Real Ale kit
1.5KG Coopers Light LME
35G goldings pellets boiled with LME till break
1050 OG.. 21L volume.. rehydrated safale..
Was a pretty average beer. Quaffable, which was handy.
My most successful brew was a throw together!! Not cause I was running out of beer thou.

In the early days I would have at least 10-12 cans and brew blends, 6 or so hops in the freezer etc etc ... I used to buy allot of the leaking bags of brewing sugars for next to nothing from the then "Pacific Brewing".

When going through it all I ended up with a couple of Stout Combo's that I just didn't regularly use so I decided to make an Imperial Stout.

I ended up using the following:-

2 x Cans Goldrush St Arnou Ale (I never used stout cans to make stout)
2 x Stout Combo
500g Black Roasted Grain (steeped for 20 mins with 20g POR)
24g assorted left over hop pellets (waste not, want not!)
1 x Brittish Ale Liquid Yeast
22 litres volume

S.G 1092
F.G 1032

The resulting stout was black as the Ace of Spades and a bottle put you on your arse! :blink:

I hated it!!!! :angry: It sat in the garage for years where I basically only entered it into comps as an "Imperial Stout"

After about 2 years it started winning culminating in it getting 1st place in the National comp! :D

There is still one bottle left but I suspect it would be well past it's best

hahhaah, too true.

A brew in Nov. last year I was planning on using a liquid yeast I had cultured one night from another brewers belgian beer.

When I got around to brewing I just threw everything from the brewing pantry at it starting with another Nut Brown kit ironically enough.
Some dark muscovado sugar and a bunch of liquid extracts.
Used the Belgian high gravity yeast I had cultured.

It crawled out of the airlock of the fermenter for a week. I had to rack it about 3 times.

The resultant brew was very good and a nice attempt at a Belgian Trappist. I entered it into the Bathurst comp and got a HC 4th.

Hahahahah, maybe this one will be the same.

Well it got 4th after 6 months, it should kick arse come the State Comp!
Armstrong - what's the history behind the changes concerning Pacific brewing and Country Brewer. I remember when each had separate websites. When did they merge?

i've got about 12 ltrs brewing atm, 1 can of brewiser larger and about 3-400g of sugar/light malt... :blink: :ph34r:
it says it has its own hops in the can, so hopefully that will be ok, cause it's double strength
not enough available ingredients/bottles etc

should be drinkable :rolleyes: but who knows?
hope it actually works

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