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I have a dream....

I've been working on a secret beer (remember goat its a secret!!!) for quite a while now and I'm very happy with it. I don't own my own micro or know anyone in the industry well, but feel this beer could go places....
Its something very different to anything else on the market at the moment and I feel there is great potential for this beer in the commercial market.

I was wondering if anyone out there would know of any avenues in pitching this recipe to a commercial brewer for further development or what would be involved in getting a commercial size batch made up for sale... like what some of the boutique wineries do with their grapes....

Is it just pie in the sky?
Asher for now

secret? what secret....?

I know John Stallwood of nailbrewing (www.nailbrewing.com) brews on contract for Clancy's - or at least did. Have you spoken to him?

I would imagine that making it would be the easy bit. its the selling to pubs that would be a tricky thing. Somewhere independant like Clancy's might be interested - maybe they could retail it on commission, that way its little risk to them.
Tried China ? :lol:
Batz, your a cruel bugger. Asher, you may have difficulty with a caffeine content, but as a "straight" rice lager you are competing with the famous Bud. Phil Yates acheived great notoriety on the HBD with his Rice Lager which in the end became a much better "Bud" - without caffeine of course. Then he stopped brewing it.

cheers guys...
Just daydreaming about it really...

Bats is prety close to the mark... he's guessed the secret ingredient already I think......

Have a good weekend

Asher for now...

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