How I Fixed A Fridge

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Someone had a fridge/freezer not working well. The freezer worked great, the fridge had issues. After listening to what they had to say I figured it must be froze up. I said that either the flapper that lets cold air in the fridge was blocked by ice or the defrost hose was. Told them to unplug it over night and let it defrost with no help. Lucky it is winter here and cold at night so it was easy for them to store all the frozen food and what little they had left in the fridge outside in some coolers.

They did what I suggested and it worked.

An application of useless knowledge gained by reading posts about how fridge/freezers work on a home brewing forum.
should have told them to buy a new one and then "dispose" of it for them....... new fermenting fridge for you. But i guess you're like me and would rather just help out
I helped a neighbour dispose of his fridge. Brewing in summer - easy. Those that don't have one -GET ONE!!!

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