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Hi Guys -

My GF would like me to make some alcoholic ginger beer ;) - has anyone got any good recipes?

Cheers -
Back in January, GMK posted a Ginger Beer recipe that I subsequantly made up enjoyed. More importantly so did SWMBO.

I just did a quick search and the thread is of course still there. Just looking at it, the only change I made was to use the yeast that came with the kit. Ken suggests using a champagne yeast.

I made GMK's ginger beer, with champagne yeast. It was great. I recommend double the amount of ginger, though.

- Snow
My Ginger Beer Recipee.

The only changes taht i have recommended to make to my Ginger Beer Recipee are to add 100gms of grated Ginger to the secondary.

As my mate Walt Daly so eloquently put it - "we can now do Dry Gingering""

Hope this helps.
Hi Doc & Others

Thanks for the ideas ;)

Where do I get corn syrup from? Coles or Woollies I assume??
Homebrew shop will sell corn syrup to you.

after reading the thread with docs appeasement ginger beer, i cant seem to work out how Doc carbonated it. Imay have missed it somewhere.

ill give this recipe a shot and bottle it - i normally sugar prime the bottles. i doubt Doc does it that way.

Greg C
Nothing wrong with sugar priming. With my batch (almost exactly the same as Doc's) I used a combination of sugar and Buderim Ginger Refresher cordial. It's highly carbonated and still sweet. The ladies absolutely LOVE this stuff; it's the most commonly requested drink at my joint from them ;)

Search for a thread about mine.

Perhaps this thread would be better suited to the "Recipes & Ingredients" section?

[edit] Spelling.

what is your method of carbonation for your appeasment ginger beer ?

Greg C
Greg C,

I'll need to look up my records but from memory it was 1 teaspoon of white or brown CSR table sugar per long neck.

1 tsp per long neck

hmm that would be less than the normal beer prime for a longneck i think from memory.

is that because you went for light carbonation ?

Greg C
Just checked my notes and I used normal white CSR table sugar. I also used one of those bottling measuring things, so whatever size the big end is for long necks. Carbonation came out perfect.


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