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The Odd Drop Brewery
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as the topic title say,s. the "holdie" and another owned by the same company has gone into recievership but will continue to trade.
tryed some of the beers way and they were pretty good from memory.
dunno how to post a link but google the guardian messenger to read more.....cheers.....spog.....
I only drove past the other day and wondered what was going on with it, never saw many people there.

We used to go there semi-regularly, the Aussie Pale Ale they brewed was average, I don't think they had anything else on tap the time I was there either. Dad's a wine wanker and they had a reasonable selection of wine according to him, but they had crap wine glasses, which he would ask them about every time - and they never fixed it.

I wonder what's going to happen to the brewing gear?

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