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Trough Lolly

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After having read some tasting notes from the Beer Advocate, I started to involutarily salivate when I read the ravings over Fuller's London Porter. All the comments about rich, malty, chocolate, coffee, toffee etc had my head spinning!

I've never brewed one, but now I want to. :D

Does anybody have a good clone recipe (Extract/Part Mash) for a 23L batch?

Thanks in advance.

i have got a robust porter recipe on the my favourite recipe thread.
it is one of my very best recipes.some brewers don't like the fact that i used all black malt but believe me it is awesome and not at all roasty its coffee and choc like as its meant to be.it really is bloody lovely.
some other have swapped half the black malt for choc malt but i wouldn't be doing that the next time i make it, it is a recipe that i won't change a bit.

anyway not a clone of any porter just a robust porter made to the robust end of the guidelines.

a extract version of that recipe would need a part mash because it uses munich malt for some extra malt complexity.it also uses real english style pale ale malt.
so just leave some of the pale ale malt out and use l.m.e.
I will check in my book Brew Your Own British Real Ale At Home and if there is a recipe for it I will post it.

Jayse - Thanks for that. Yes, I read that one and thought it looked pretty good too. I will brew that one soon and yes, I will get some munich malt and real english pale ale malt and do a part mash. The more robust, the better :p

TDA - Thanks in advance, I hope you find one.

I've had a look on several search sites and found plenty of Fuller's Pride of London recipes but alas nothing for Fuller's London Porter :(


Just finished reading the reviews on BeerAdvocate myself, and there is a general consensus there!! Sounds brilliant. I happen to be going to the International Beer Shop this weekend so will definitely keep an eye out for this one.
No recipe in the book Trough Lolly, sorry. I will email the UK homebrew digest in search of an answer.

Cheers and bollocks
Here is a reply I got from the UK brewdigest:

"This is from Real Ale Almanac:

OG 1.053

Alexis and Chariot pale malt (76%), crystal malt (10%), brown malt
(12%), chocolate malt (2%). 140 units of colour. Fuggles hops for
bitterness and aroma, hops pellets. 33 units of bitterness."

I have taken this and changed it to partial mash for Trough Lolly.
Converting this to a partial mash for 23L gives the following:

2kgs LME
2kgs Pale malt
680g Brown malt
500g Crystal malt
100g Chocolate malt

Now for an efficiency of 65% assumed you shoud get an OG of 1055 roughly.

45g Fuggles (AA5%) 60min boil
15g Fuggles (AA5%) 15min boil

I assumed 5%AA for Fuggles.
I calculated this to give between 30-35 IBU. If the AA of your Fuggles is different then you will have to recalculate the amounts used.

I would use London Ale 1028 as my first choice of yeast for this beer. Otherwise any good English Ale yeast will suffice.

If you have questions please ask and I will try to assist as best I can.
Good luck.

have you used brown malt T.D.A? do you make it yourself in the oven?
i haven't done it yet.but have it on the back burner.
for anyone wanting to use it,it needs to be mashed with pale malt.
because the enzymme have been destroyed in the extra cooking of the pale malt.
Jayse - thanks for the tips on the brown malt...

TDA - That's a good lookin' recipe - thanks for taking the time to check it out for us and doing the conversion. I too have been busy with a recipe and I'm working on a "Canberra Porter" in the beer recipator.

Will post the extract w/grain recipe once I have it balanced.


jayse jovial monk has brown malt and how the 45 lt keg going i need a boiler or i may go and use aliminium so how long are we looking for you to get them i going to gett a 26 ltr esky tommorow and will mkae a tun out of it and may use a manifild

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