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Fs-> Perth -> 4 Tap Kegerator (room For 8 Kegs)

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As with many of my beer related things I have to regretfully part with them.

So up for grabs is a 4 Tap Kegerator. This setup has consistently allowed pouring a good beer easy due to the flow controllers and cleaning easier due to John Guest disconnects throughout. You will not be disappointed with this setup and it would make a great Xmas present :wink wink:

It consists of the following;
Westinghouse 320L Freezer (Can fit 8 kegs) with collar and temperature controller. The temperature controller has a stainless steel probe sealed in a PET bottle and maintains temperatures well.

4 x 19L Cornie Kegs (each have had a soak in sodium percarbonate and rinsed)

Taps, flow controllers and gas/beer disconnects. A 6 way gas manifold is also installed and makes controlling gas to all the kegs a breeze.

A Counter Pressure Bottle filler is mounted with a dedicated gas line but can be changed to a keg gas disconnect as all fittings are JG disconnects. A washer (as made by Batz) is also included so you can fill crown neck bottles.

The drip tray has a removable section to make cleaning easy and there is room to mount a further 2 taps if you feel like.

There are also and heap of clips that allow you to print out your beer info and have them attached to the tap. These were purchased from the UK and just use some double sided tape so you just need to print a new one when you need it.

All you need to add to this setup is a gas bottle/reg and some beer in the kegs and youre away!

If you need more info or cant make it out from the photos please let me know I can clarify.

Asking $850 for the lot or if you dont need as many kegs I am happy to keep one of the kegs and drop the price to $800. Pick Up from High Wycombe.







Holy shit. That's a work of art. I wish I knew where High Wycombe was and lived nearby. Would snap it up in a heartbeat!!!
Holy shit. That's a work of art. I wish I knew where High Wycombe was and lived nearby. Would snap it up in a heartbeat!!!

Thanks but I cant take all the credit as a fellow AHBer did the hard yards and I am just reselling with a few tweaks.
Shameless Friday arvo bump. Surely someone wants a bargain.
why are you selling all your gear Keith? Nothing wrong I hope.

Anyway, I've got a mate who might be interested. I'll let him know about it
Cheers Clay. All is well just need to take a new direction and lugging extra brew gear around isn't desirable.
Keith I wish I could and you are only 10 mins up the road looks an awesome setup
must stop looking at this ad..... must stop looking at this ad!! ****, I wish it was later on next year. best of luck to the lucky ******* who buys this. Looks awesome.
Cheers guys. If it helps anyone I'm happy to hang onto the kegs and make it $650 or anywhere in between as im bound to need kegs in the future.
This is a steal! For anyone planning on putting one together, take a look at this. I don't know Keith, but I can vouch for the fact that building a keezer costs more than you think. After the costs of the freezer and taps, there's the shanks, connectors, fittings, disconnects, tubing, gas minifolds, etc etc. Time spent doing the build. Then this also comes with kegs and a CPBF.

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