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Free Bottles - Sydney

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The foot has been put down, I need to get rid of my precious antique bottle collection!

Four types of bottles, from left to right in the first pic: English pint crown seals x 20, English steam beer swingtops x 17, German swingtops x 91, mixed Grolsch / Altenmunster swingtops, x 21. The Grolsh bottles are a bit dusty but the rest are all clean.


Pick up is from Bondi Junction, free of charge though a bottle of your hb wouldn't go astray =)

These bottles need to go by next wednesday or they will go in the recycling bin! Please pm for contact no.
The steam beer swingtops are spoken for but still plenty of the others left.
Cheers fellas, looks like the rest of them are going tomorrow but if any remain unclaimed I'll be sure to let you know.

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