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Im just wondering when and how I should do this. And also what form of hops can i do it with? Can I do it with a 'tea bag'of hops?
Well, I haven't done much dry hopping, but your local HBS would sell hop bags that you can easily drop into your wort, no worries.

But, I have heard that you can make your own pretty easily elsewhere on the forum; I haven't done this so I'll leave it up to them...
Dry hopping adds more aroma. Some like it, some don't. Some people seem to find the taste too 'grassy'. You can either add the hops dry, just chuck them in the fermenter, or make up a tea. See this link for debate about whether making a tea is really dry hoppping.

Just give it a go. :) Try chucking about 30g in the secondary. Pellets are fine, but plugs may be better if you have them. Just use the GMK's famous inline filter so they don't go into your bottles. Inline filter

There is stacks of stuff if you search for dry hopping on the forums if you want more info. What kind of beer are you thinking of making?

Just chuck the hop bag in a teacup and fill with boiling water do rest of your brew then come back and put bag in fermentor just before u add yeast. - They work great use them all the time.
I like to add some pellets or plugs into the fermenter. I put them into a piece of stocking that has been sanitised then pop it into the fermenter. Most people say to do this into secondary but I have put the dry hops into primary in the past with no problems.

I like dry hopping if it suits the style and your particular recipe. I usually drp hop my American style beers.
Well i'm Interested in doing a German Lager using Saaz or Hallertau Hops. I don't really do secondary, I do Primary fermentation thenI bottle it straight from there.
You might want to look at this thread adam. if you still really want to dry hop with saaz, then primary will work fine. you could wait a few days till fermentation slows down and then add the hops.
Just my 2 bobs, i purchased a cheap coffee plunger, $8 i think.

boil the jug, wait 2 or 3 min, throw in your desired pellets, add hot water, give it 4 or 5 min to steep and pour.

Mostly 2 or 3 days into secondary I do this.

Seems to be a lot less hassle at bottling, and you can be fairly sure that the post boiling water would've killed any nasties that might be present.

like i said, my 2 bobs.
thanks for the inline filter link Stuster and GMK :super: so simple. I love this site. :)
If I am dry hopping my ales, I just add em loose to the secondary, and leave em for a few weeks, adn all the pellets bits or plug bits eventually fall to the bottom. I recently finished reading Noonans "New brewing Lager beer" and I thikn he was saying something about making a hop extract, like yard glass said, just a few minutes in the plunger, then add the "extract" into the secondary fermentor, and rack yer beer ontop of that. Never made a lager, so I cant say if it works or not, but Noonan sounded like he knew what he was on about, so I will take his word for it.
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