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Malted Mick

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Anybody having a go at making hard Kombucha. Tried a few of the shelf in the local bottleo and quite like the sourness and tang of Sneaky Bucha XPA. The other fruity ones taste to much like lolly water to me. Got myself a Mad Millie kit, organic black tea and white sugar from Aldi to knock up about 10lts of Komhoocha. The plan at this stage is to start with a litre of active SCOBY from the kit and then build up to the final 10L batch size. I am thinking of dry hopping as fermentation winds down. The Boochcraft website in the US has some first hand info for DIY brewers and I need to do more research to decide on a yeast for the second stage ferment?
Not sure which yeast to use. Probably just US05 would be sufficient I reckon.

Recommend you play around with a mix of green and black tea. Mostly for flavour purposes. Although it will contribute to a healthy scoby too.

I dry hopped some buch using Citra - amazing. Amarillo - meh, Hallertau Blanc - amazing.

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