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Hey guys, sorry if this has been answered recently, but the only threads I could find were years old and the stores mentioned were either now out of business or don't do refills any more, only swaps.

I purchased a 10KG CO2 tank about 3 months ago, and it now needs a refill. Aquariums won't fill it as it's too big, and most home brew stores are only offering swaps or fills on 2KG tanks.

Does anyone know of any place to get my tank filled in or around Kensington (2033)? Price isn't a huge deal, as long as it's reasonable. Does anyone know of any?

If not I'm happy to trade my brand new tank in a swap, but most shops won't swap a tank out for a privately owned one, so even that could be difficult.

Don't let me down east-siders!

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