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looking at getting some books on brewing. Is there a bible on brewing, a must have ?
John Palmers - How to brew & Designing Great Beers are a couple

Have a search (or citymorgue will eat your soul :ph34r: ) there are plenty of topics on the subject
In addition to How To Brew - which is considered somewhat of the homebrew bible (most brewers here have it, or you can access the first version online) another one i have which is excellent is "homebrewing for dummies" or something like that. You know those ......for dummies series. There's one about homebrewing. It's very good. Lighthearted but still technical enough to get a great understanding on the finer points.

How to brew is very good, but complete overkill for the new brewer a lot of the time (not implying this is you, it just gets recommended a lot, even in places where it's obviously overkill for the recommendation).
Brewing Classic Styles is a standard purchase. Plenty of recipies, style guides, broken down into extract & AG options.
"The complete joy of homebrewing" by Charlie Papazian is still the bible for new brewers, in my opinion.
i'm on/off reading through a bunch of these classic beer style books. they took about 10 business days to arrive from blighty;search=search

lots of the quantities are listed in imperial measurements though. can not wait for that crazy bs to disappear

These books are US based and the measurements are US measurements not Imperial.

5 gallons US approx 19 litres
5 gallons Imperial approx 23 litres


How to Brew and The Complete Joy of Homebrewing are the two I have.

Might have to invest in a couple more though.

Either way, incredibly informative reads none the less

If you want to learn more about everything, How To Brew 3rd Edition

If you want a bunch of recipes to base your recipes on for every style, Brewing Classic Styles

If you want to understand recipe design, Designing Great Beers

I'd recommend all three, but that's me :)
Brewing Classic Styles is a standard purchase. Plenty of recipies, style guides, broken down into extract & AG options.

Yep, that's a must have.

Brew Like A Monk, if you're into making tasty beers of 8% and over that become a siren song after the first bottle.

I wouldn't really bother with Designing Great Beers unless you enjoy long winded explanations, the imperial system of measurement, and graphs.
Actually, it is a wonderful resource full of solid facts. just to many facts for a hack like me.
i got a whole bunch of brewing books in pdf format from if you upload a document you get 24hrs free access i just upload anything ive got on the pc [car manuals, welding books, mower books, and anything else ive got in pdf format] you could even upload a blank doc if you wanted to just make sure you click the free docs only and keep it over 100 pages or else you get too many half books.

just search for any homebrew related books you can think of heaps of them come up

cheers: HBK

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