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Anyone have any spare long necks?

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Just getting into home brew - bottled 2nd batch today. 1st batch didn't kill me so keen to keep going.
If anyone has any long neck bottles they don't need it would be great.
I am in Pascoevale.

Not sure if you'll find many willing to part with their long necks or though it does happen from time to time as some brewers move from bottle to kegs. I had the same dilemma. A mate advised me to contact your local wedding reception places and ask them nicely if they serve longnecks and if you can come and get some of their discarded bottles. I found 2 up my way without trying and on a good weekend I got enough for 2 brews. Take some gloves as you'll be fishing them out of their recycle bin (unless they put them aside). Yes their only the weak screw top CUB type but I found their are some benefits over the coopers bottles. As I can now access an abundant supply I give away my screw tops to friends as gifts and hang on to my prized coopers bottles. Being only into my 10th brew I also bought boxes of coopers long necks and chiseled into them while my first brews were maturing. Coopers long necks are a bit pricey but when you factor in the price of the bottle it is an attractive price.
I just gave away 3 crates... you are a day late, heres an idea though, theres a joint in the city called Section 8, it's a little bar run out of a shipping container, they sell bucket loads of Coopers there, might be worth calling in and trying to arrange a collection with them.. as I say, I dunno what their policy is but is probably worth a shot.

otherwise, I will probably have a few more to give away in a few weeks, send me a PM in a few weeks to remind me... Im a fair distance from you though..

Hi Damn,

Thats a great idea - will give that one a crack for sure. Few of those around here.
Cheers for that
Hi Yob,

Looked up section - cool looking place. Might have to pay them a visit for a beer or 5


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