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200L Jack Daniels 150th & Cinnamon Whiskey empty barrels for sale

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by JackGinKing, 5/12/19.


  1. JackGinKing

    New Member

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    Swan Hill
    Posted 5/12/19
    Hi guys, I have a couple of 200L empty barrels for sale. One is a genuine JD 150th barrel and the other is a Cinnamon Whiskey. They are still 'wet' (they have not been allowed to dry out and were shipped to Australia with clean neutral spirit that has since been emptied) and I was going to use them to age some gin in but, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am selling them instead. They would be perfect for anyone wanting to age spirits in. I paid $500 for each of them only in August this year. They are located in Swan Hill, Victoria. I can freight them anywhere. Cost of freight to be discussed on negotiation. $380 each or $700 for both ONO.

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