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  1. old_el_tombre

    Fruit Additions to Fermenter

    Hi all, Planning on making a blackberry/raspberry porter (haven't decided which yet), by adding 1.5kg of pureed berries to the 23L batch in the fementer. Does anyone have any experience, or tips for adding berries during fermentation? How much fementable sugar can I expect from the berries? Cheers
  2. B

    Adding Fruit to Fermenter

    hi guys im adding fruit to a all grain recipe kit i brought from country trading store its a mango pale ale i made her as per instructions everything went well I've added fruit to fermenter once gravity had dropped to 1.018 it was 500g of mango diced along with a few hops its all in a cloth...
  3. NreeK

    Hard lemonade: lactose? yeast for bottling?

    Hi there fellow brewers. I’ve got a batch of hard lemonade that’s almost ready for bottling/secondary fermentation. This is my 3rd ever brew (1st Coopers Heritage Lager, 2nd Coopers ginger beer + fresh ginger and other goodies). My homemade recipe including pretty much whatever was at hand...
  4. wareemba

    n00b Q - if i have a fermetned cider, can i add more juice to it and r

    hi, I have a 20L of apple juice which had 10g of safcider yeast added. it bubbled and fermented out to around .999 in a weekish... I transferred this to another fermenter and there it has sat for 6 days. (was going to bottle on the weekend) my wife loved the cider & blood orange brew I did in...
  5. C

    First Cider

    Hey there guys, I've got a few beers under my belt now and the missus has expressed interest in a cider and for her continued tolerance of my hobby I think it best to make one for her! I have picked up 20 liters of Aldi apple juice but I want it to come out as a sweeter cider with a fruit...
  6. dottle

    First timer's first brew. Looking for feedback.

    Hey Sup. After many years of putting it off I really want to give home brew a try. I've always been interested in home brewing fruit wines, meads and to a lesser extent ciders ever since one of my first girl friends introduced me to her parents (her father made excellent fruit wines that would...
  7. beercus

    Help with first cider

    Hi all, This is my first time posting but I have been around here for a while. Beer going well so I am attempting a cider for summer, I have used modified Franko recipe: 12 Litres 100% Apple juice no added flavours or preservatives (Woolworths) 6 Litres Apple & Pear juice no added flavours or...
  8. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain features on American Homebrewers website

    My juice and strain cider making method featutes on the American Homebrewers Association website.
  9. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain features on MAKE magazine's website, USA

    The link to a detailed step by step method is:
  10. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain features in Hard Cider News, USA

    Article entitled, "Cider Making Made Easy for Home Brewers" is accessible at:
  11. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain - HomeFarmer magazine, UK – “Easy Cider”, a pho

    Please follow the link for a flip over display of our four page article.
  12. talco92

    What's the deal with cider secondary fermentation?

    I have 21L of woolworths brand apple-juice currently doing some nice bubbling away So I've been doing some googling and some aussiehomebrewering and have come to the understanding that letting cider sit in a PLASTIC secondary fermenter for longer than ~6months is not ideal. Can anyone comment...
  13. F

    Making Wine - Anyone Interested ?

    I've been having a go at making wine for 5 years now and whilst is getting along just fine, it's time to get together with like minded people and start to perfect the art. A relatively cheap process but hugely rewarding when you produce that aromatic and flavoursome wine that energises you to...
  14. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain - cider making made simple from whole apples

    Hello and greetings from Guildford, England. I have made a post to the Welcome Forum. However, two of your good countrymen have suggested that non-beer-brewing is where i should be, so here goes again. Please have a look at our short YouTube video, Cider making made simple at home. . Yes...
  15. Matty McFly

    Basic Cider Recipe Help

    Hey gang, Sorry for creating another cider post, I see there are a million here already, but I figure one more can't hurt. I'm still very new to this whole brewing gig, so I'm a tad confused and don't want to stuff this up. I want to make the batch at around 5% to 8% alcohol content. I was...
  16. T

    Winemaking log software

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, it seemed the most fitting, feel free to move it mods. I've recently gotten started in winemaking and brewing in general. I've been keeping fairly good records as I want to be able to repeat and great successes and obviously avoid repeating failures. I've...
  17. searly333

    Warm apple pie

    After sifting through the various concoctions out there that people have come up with I've taken a little bit from a few different ones and this is what I've put down today; 14l Apple Juice 4.25l Pear Juice 800g Coopers Brewing Sugar 250g Lactose 250g Ginger (grated) 3 Cinnamon Sticks 1/2 Dozen...
  18. spaced

    Pressed Apple Juice Suppliers In Seq?

    Hi All, Looking to buy pressed apple juice in South East Queensland. I'm in Brisbane but happy to travel to say stanthorpe to buy it. Does anyone know of any suppliers in SEQ for bulk apple juice?
  19. Drew

    Aldi Apple Juice Sg?

    I've gone into my latest batch of Cider a bit casually. I am planning on halting the fermentation to get a sweet cider (by kegging and fridging). I didn't take an SG - I figured I could calculate it. But now I see there's 11 grams of sugar per 100 ml....which would be 1.110 SG unless I'm...
  20. brewlikeanex

    Ed's Applewein Using Black Label Apple & Lime Juice

    Hi first post here Put down 2x 23L batches of Ed's Apfelwein 14th August Yeast: craftbrewer dry cider as 1L starter Primary 1: OG 1062 2 Kg Honey & Aldi juice to 23L Primary 2: OG 1082 2kg Dextrose & Original Juice Co "Apple + Lime" juice from refrigerated section, kept in environmental temp 2...