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  1. C

    Fermenting Mead with plastic wrap

    Hello everyone, I'm about to do my first fermentation and I chose to do mead. I found a really good recipe that just uses a loose lid over the water, honey, and yeast to let the CO2 out. I was curious if I could just do the loose lid (it's a glass container) or if I should use cling wrap? And if...
  2. harpskeleton


    Hello guys, I am looking to get into home brewing, and have been doing some research into what I will need to get me started, but am looking for confirmation that I have all the necessary bases covered. I have decided to go for a Guten all-in-one system for a variety of reasons, a couple being...
  3. H

    coopers brew kit trial

    ive just started my first brew in the coopers kit, ive used the draught can, brewing sugar, and the brew enhancer 3, just looking for any tips/tricks/thoughts on what im doing keen too start getting into the brew life thanks for your time
  4. M

    3 vessel system

    Hi all Been extract brewing for a while and want to take the plunge into all grain. Im a diy kind of guy so all in one systems like the grainfather aren't for me. I like the building aspect as much as the brewing side. Currently use a 50 litre keg for extract brewing. Don't have much $...
  5. Z

    Howdy People...

    I've been a long time out of the hobby, started distilling a good few years ago and between that and life getting in the way I've been really slack on the beer making... I've decided to get back into it as I've really taken a liking to some of the IPA's (Pirate Life and Ballast Point...
  6. M

    Some advice needed for a newbie

    Hi all, Threw my 4th or 5th brew on a couple of weeks ago, was planning to bottle it a few days ago, around the 10 day mark, but the SG is still pretty high in comparison to the other brews I have done. This one is 13 days now in the fermenter, and stuck on 1014-1015 (from OG 1056). Is that...
  7. H

    Explain it to me simply please

    Hi there . I am a new brewer in the Upper Hunter NSW. I have just bough some gear to BIAB and to tell you the truth im green and keen on the subject. I have done malt extract before and wanted to make the step up and had a few general queries i thought some old hands could give to me simply...
  8. Only1MADMaN

    Coopers Lager (Lager Beer Review)

    Coopers DIY Lager Kit If anyone is familiar with my last brew review, I taste test a Brigalow’s Apple Cider But today I’m taking you through my steps for brewing a Coopers Lager that comes with the Coopers DIY...
  9. J

    Starter Kit or The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Kit

    Hi all, Will try to keep this brief. Looking at starting to brew my own. Trying to do it right by reading up as much as I can before leaping into a starter kit. Currently reading Charlie Papazian's "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing" and have gotten to the section where he informs you of the...