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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    After I got that email labelled incoming stock alert on the series x plus, then I see a video on their channel about it, so I popped back on the website to see that the ETA is now 29th march. Hoping that incoming stock is a large shipment to warrant an alert months out. Unless of course they did...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I got an email yesterday "incoming stock alert" on these, but it didn't actually give any indication on ETA. So a not very useful email.
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    Inkbird Giveaway on Heating Pad for Home Brewing Seedling Reptile Fish

    I'm thinking a nice juicy steak cooked ultra low and slow on one of these and then reverse seared over hot coals. . . . . . or perhaps just a better solution for my fermentation fridge.
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    Inkbird Giveaway to Celebrate New Product Releasing Temp & Humidity WIFI Gateway!

    In - was just looking at these yesterday and they look great. Saw the review by David Heath, and it looks like a great solution.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Suggestion: I have the Kegland Double Tap Cooler Jockey/Magic Box. I freaking love it, a very awesome bit of kit. Now the recommendation is to leave the drain plug open so the water drains out and ice is always in contact with the chiller plate. This isn't always convenient to do, especially...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    My question was for the gauge guard for this reg, not the reg itself. It says the new gauge guard is sold separately, but I can't see it anywhere.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    What is the ETA on the gauge guard for the MK4 reg's? I can't see them on the website currently.
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    American (ght) Hose Fittings

    Apologies for the necropost but I was just in a position of needing some garden hose thread (ght) fittings for my blichmann therminator. Found some for $2 a pop here that screw straight on nicely: And no you don't need to use hoselink...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Nice one, good to see the innovation. I bought the high pressure hose alongside the MK3 regs, don't want to replace the regs in a couple of months seeing as they only just arrived. I should have asked the question before I bought them! I'll just have to dodgy up a mount using hose clamps and...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    My MKIII regulators just arrived - thanks! I was wanting to panel mount them (will be buying the add on adaptor to join regulators when they are back in stock). Was hoping that there might be an obvious way of affixing them to a panel but nothing jumps out. Just wondering if KegLand (or anyone)...
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    Kegging Setups

    Looks great - I was thinking mini orb myself, did you just use a continuous sheet, or separate sections for each side? (can't tell from the pic). Also how did you attach the mini orb to the freezer?
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    AB Inbev buys 4 Pines

    I remember first popping in for a pint in the Manly brew pub about 8 years back, and being relatively local have always enjoyed their Keller door brews. I'm only about a 5 min drive from the brookvale brewery now and try and get in at least once a fortnight for a pint and a growler fill. Look...
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    AB Inbev buys 4 Pines Must say i'm a little gutted. Could be a good thing but the cynic in me says unlikely.
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    SHould I buy a 100L Pilot Brewery From China?

    Maybe worthwhile giving Jimmy from Tinshed brewery in Dungog a call. He's got a pretty sweet setup and sourced it from China. Makes a bloody nice beer too!