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    Show us your grain mill

    Here's mine... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rl-la1_6bo
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    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    With the release of 2.2, is this still the case? I can't find any documentation regarding this one way or another. I am still undecided which way to go, Craftbeerpi, or openardbir for my 1v build, and that could be the decider! I have most of the parts (except for a pretty PCB) already so...
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    The Beerbug - Digital Hydrometer

    Here's another project that looks to be similar, website is in german, but google translate works well enough for you to get the gist... https://universam1.github.io/iSpindel/ Based on parts available from ebay / aliexpress for peanuts....
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    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    Well i just bottled a batch of this I made over a year ago. Dont remember exactly how long, might have been closer to two.... Was worried it might have had something go wrong after that long, but it has been at stable temps, and undisturbed the whole time. Just finished a glass of it and it...
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    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    Looks good, Any chance of getting either the gerbers or the "brd" file for the 4.2 pcb uploaded?
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    Handy pail lids

    Epping isnt the other side of the world from me, (I'm in Campbelltown), but I just had a look for them, and couldnt find them, means I either threw them out, or put them in a "safe" place. If I find them I'll let you know
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    Handy pail lids

    Where are you located? I might have one or two I dont need
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    Another Brew Controller

    Did you end up going with the NAND gate or the NC relay? Got any pics of how it ended up?
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    STC-1000 Custom Open Source Firmware

    If your going to go to that trouble though, I question why you wouldnt just base your entire controller off the arduino, instead of using both.....
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    Free All Fridge - Campbelltown, NSW

    me neither... Free ferment fridge that will take a 60l fermenter, or two regular ones. Go figure....
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    Free All Fridge - Campbelltown, NSW

    last chance... scrappies get it after tomorrow... I'd keep it, but no room!
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    New? temp controller pre-wired

    the one in the op I'd say the seller is out of stock, as the price is now $600, noticed though, looking at the sales history, they have raised the price from the $50 initially started at to $60, the last one sold at. Looks pretty interesting though at $60 even, assuming a turnkey solution.
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    Hop plant from Bunnings

    Bit of a thread dig, but was wondering how people who had bought these were going? Did they end up providing any usable flowers? Are they still available?
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    Free All Fridge - Campbelltown, NSW

    nobody wants a free fridge?
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    Free All Fridge - Campbelltown, NSW

    Hi, I'm moving, and need to downsize some of my gear, and unfortunately wont have room for a full size fridge at the new place. This is an all fridge, and will easily fit a 60l fv in there. PIcs of it in the link below. http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/67524-ebay-v5/?p=829428 PIckup...