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    It's been too long - For Sale - stuff

    Hey maple. I'm looking for a HERMS for my gear. I'd be interested in you SS coil and kettle setup if you are selling separately to the 3V setup. Do you have any details? cheers.
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    Gas Burner control box - Blackburn Vic

    I'm really surprised that no one grabbed this. Its a Nice little steel control box with mains terminations! Thanks for the other controllers and control box Mudd :cheers: Added to my pile of junk now.
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    Heat exchange tank - Blackburn Vic

    ok, ill pass thanks.
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    Temp Controllers - Blackburn Vic

    Ill take them. I'm in Croydon and can collect tomorrow.
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    Heat exchange tank - Blackburn Vic

    I might be interested. Is the coil stainless and what was passed through it? cheers. Evan
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    Melbourne various items sale

    Hey Josh, is saturday arvo OK for you to pick up the pump? You haven't sent your address. Cheers.
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    Melbourne various items sale

    Hey there, Ill take the pump if I can pick up next Saturday. Cheers.
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    FS: Pump, SS fittings, false bottom and other bits

    Hi poobah, if the postage on the pump falls through I'd like put my hand up for next in line. I'm in Melbourne eastern suburbs. Damn you hermies, you beat me to it, i guess ill have to go all tri clover :)
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    brew gear cleanout, melb east.

    Hey SHB, no worries. Thanks for the beers too. Very nice!
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    brew gear cleanout, melb east.

    HI all, thanks for the interest. Urn sold to SHB. Frementer sold pending response from Hermies. I also have a water filter. Will post pics tomorrow.
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    brew gear cleanout, melb east.

    Deep in the wilds of Croydon.
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    brew gear cleanout, melb east.

    Hi all, I have a few excess bits and pieces to move on. Located in the outer east of Melbourne. 1 large heavy pot. Its 505H x 395DIA which gives 62 Liters. Its heavy at around 3mm stainless steel. Its not commercial, its hand made. I picked it up a few years ago at a market. It has robust...
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    WTB Vic - 32mm silicone o ring

    I made o rings for my kettle with a piece of silicon hose cut up the middle. placed the stainless washer on top and cut out with a scalpel. works a treat. I found the cooking mats too thin.
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    what is the ID and length of the coils? I'm thinking I might be able to use them in a herms. Thanks.
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    FS: Stainless HERMS Coil & Lauterhexe Filter

    how hard woud it be to tighten the diameter of the herms coil? I have a 30mm urn that id like a coil for but this one is 40mm.