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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Is anyone else having this problem with their soda water keg lid where the keg overfills with water? It seems to work well for a few days and then I'll find that there is water in my gas line (past the check valve sometimes) and I can no longer dispense soda water. Current fix is to open the...
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    Chilling the wort.

    I've had good success combining an immersion chiller and a paint stirrer attached to battery powered drill. There's lot of foam, but I'm not too concerned about hot side aeration. Using water straight from the tap I think I've been able to get from 90 down to about 25 degrees in less than 10...
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    Keg King Warehouse Warming Giveaway for Australian Brewers.

    I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity!
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    Keg master vs Mangrove Jack's kegerator

    Besides the price, can anyone provide some insight into the difference between the Keg Master and Mangrove Jack's kegerators?
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    Let's see your fermentation chambers!

    What size is your fridge? I have 2 brewbuckets but am hesitant to get a fridge as internal dimensions aren't readily provided. I've got my eye on a 243 L Hisense single door fridge that might be up to the job.
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    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    WiFiank you very much.
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    Viking Malts

    I was in Home Make It in Reservoir on Friday and they are selling out of date bags of Viking malt at a discount. Picked up a sack of the Pale Ale malt for $40. Packing date was 08/02/18, so about 3 months out of date. Worth checking out if you aren't too fussed about malt shelf life.
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    Really small kegerator

    What about this? $$$$ though
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    Aldi specials

    You can reuse the kegs but they are a bit of a hassle (in my experience). Getting the bung out of the top takes patience and care to avoid damage the bung and keg. You can get replacement bungs (eBay), but they don't necessarily fit all these types of kegs. I would advise that you enjoy the...
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    Soda stream adapter for refills from larger CO2 bottle

    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster... I've been searching the forum, but I couldn't find any information regarding this. Has anyone had any experience with an adapter for refilling soda stream bottles from larger CO2 bottles sold from Their videos look too easy...