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  1. Propper Yeast

    Start up research help: Lock down idea - A pre-made yeast starter that saves the environment

    Hi all, great to be here. Im hoping you can help us out a bit. My buddy is a pro-brewer and we are looking for feedback on a lockdown idea we had. Sterile Yeast Starter /Rehydrator that's also Carbon Neutral and offsets all the co2 your homebrew will produce. Is there a market for this? Would...
  2. Mat

    Storing Bulk Wort for Yeast Starters

    Hey Brewers, I'm between brew days, so naturally I'm thinking about my next brew and how I can make my life a little easier. I'm a big believer in the mantra "work smarter, not harder" With that in mind, I'm looking at storing unfermented wort to use in yeast starters, along the lines of a...
  3. D

    Killed Yeast, Can my brew recover

    Hello all, New to the brewing game but following some instructions from someone more experienced. Things going well however on this batch, when I thought I was putting cold water into the barrel, it was in fact warm water, quite warm! Oops It wasn’t until I had added the yeast and closed...
  4. J

    Under attenuated extract IPA

    Hi everyone, First post here. My second brew is currently in the fermentor, dry hopped today after 10 days. It's an IPA brewed with DME as well as Munich and crystal grains. I ended up doing a mini mash with the grains (45 mins at 65C) as my homebrew shop had assumed me ypu can steep Munich...