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  1. J

    Alice Springs Water

    Con someone please help me out with water profiles/additions? We have pretty hard bore water here in Alice Springs. I've been brewing with mostly boxed water until now because i don't know if it would be any good. I mostly brew pale ales and IPA's and sometimes stouts or brown ales. I'd really...

    Hobart Water Help

    Hi all This water stuff is doing my head in, I think I'm fairly up to speed in other areas of brewing but this really confuses me. I found a old water report from several years ago from this forum in the Hobart Group, but not sure how to put it into Ezy Water and really not sure what additions...
  3. L

    learning the difficult thing we call water

    Hello all, just trying to figure out water and setting up a profile for a double IPA. I'm in the hunter and use water from Grahamstown. I want to do a Double IPA around 15 EBC and 9% This is what i have so far: 6kg Ale malt 0.27kg CaraPils 0.27kg Caramalt 0.1kg Maramunich 2 0.34kg Dextrose...
  4. kalbarluke

    Brewing with recycled water

    This is a question for all brewers but I'm particularly interested in the thoughts and opinions of any commercial brewers. I was reading an article on breweries in the US that have used recycled sewage water to brew with (Stone Beer of San Diego was one but there are quite a few others). My...
  5. garage_life

    SEQ sep 2017 water report

    Got my hands on this from urban utilities. It covers Brisbane and the surrounding regions. Any more local specific data with mineral profiles is not available through Urban Utilities. "Unfortunately, for this comprehensive summary, we don’t have it down to localised areas. This is an...
  6. fletcher

    gold coast water filtration

    moved up from sydney - check. got a new job - check. bought and moved into a new house - check. most furniture and other setup crap getting sorted - check. finally about to get back into brewing again! i'm considering a few options for filtration of my water for kitchen/drinking AND brewing...