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Hi all

This water stuff is doing my head in, I think I'm fairly up to speed in other areas of brewing but this really confuses me.

I found a old water report from several years ago from this forum in the Hobart Group, but not sure how to put it into Ezy Water and really not sure what additions I need.

Is Ezy Water the best software to use?

Is anyone able to help or send me a screen shot of what there using in Hobart?

Does anyone have a water report?

Or is there a general amount people use to just improve our brewing water.

Im using a now using a Brewzilla 3.1 35 litre.

Appreciate any help


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I'm in Launceston mate and if Hobart water is anything like ours (all provided by TasWater) then it's a pretty blank slate that you don't really need to do too much with unless a certain style requires you to push levels in a certain direction. For my water these days I'm usually just adding a heaped teaspoon calcium chloride (CaCl2) and *maybe* a touch of gypsum (CaSO4) - keeping in mind I brew mostly ales (IPAs), porters and stouts, not lagers or such..

You can email TasWater if you need more specific information - enquiries@taswater.com.au - shoot me a PM if you need some help to get the info into the EZWater spreadsheet..