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Hi all

This water stuff is doing my head in, I think I'm fairly up to speed in other areas of brewing but this really confuses me.

I found a old water report from several years ago from this group, but not sure how to put it into Ezy Water and really not sure what additions I need.

Is anyone able to help or send me a screen shot of what there using in Hobart?

Or is there a general amount people use to just improve our brewing water.

Im using a now using a Brewzilla 3.1 35 litre.

Appreciate any help


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Hey man, have you contacted TasWater ([email protected]) for a more recent water report? I'm in Launceston - our water is pretty darn soft (statewide), it's practically a blank slate so you don't need to do much.

Ask for the following;
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Sulfate
  • Bicarbonate (HCO3) or Alkalinity (CaCO3)
  • pH (you might want to measure this yourself)
From there you pump those numbers into the EzyWater spreadsheet at the top, then put in your volumes, your grain bill for your recipe, then finally you'll be able to play with the numbers by adding say gypsum, calcium chloride etc., at the bottom (usually in 1g increments, 4g is roughly a teaspoon). Depending on what it is you are trying to brew and whether or not you have a reference water profile well then you might just want to consider bumping the calcium numbers up and that's about it.

I personally prefer a softer malt forward profile so I add about 8g of calcium chloride, if doing an IPA maybe 4g of calcium sulphate and some gypsum. It really depends though, I don't stress too much about it like I used to, our water is pretty darn good here in Tassie!

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