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  1. L

    New to brewing will this recipe turn out right?

    Recipe NIEPA #1 Water: Distilled or RO water 5.6 grams gypsum 7.5 grams calcium chloride Grains: Maris Otter extra pale 1.75kg 2 row 1.75kg Flaked oats 2kg Flaked wheat 1kg Honey malt 0.5kg Carapils 0.5 Lactose 500g at end of boil Hops: 2 oz of citra + 1 oz mosaic + 1 oz...
  2. U

    Home Brew Recipe - Bohemian Rhapsody Pilsner

    I see the silhouette of a beer, and it shines golden and pure and all Bohemian Pilsners should! This well-crafted pilsner will be the envy of all brewers with pleasing operatic nuances of noble hops supported by European malt of the highest quality. 'Sazzed' up and looking for a good time...
  3. U

    Monster Imperial IPA

    In every keen brewer lies a beast. Between its rumbling throat snarls, it bares its glistening teeth, gnawing and yearning to escape. This recipe is that monster you've been waiting to brew! Appropriately named due to a wickedly drinkable ABV% and a scary amount of hops additions, The Monster is...
  4. P

    Do online recipes assume a general brewhouse efficiency?

    Hi there, I'm gearing up for my 4th brew (BIAB) and I've decided to delve a little deeper into the intricacies of the recipe... Some recipes on brewer's friend will give an assumed brewhouse efficiency percentage with the specific recipe. However, other recipes (particularly ones on a homebrew...
  5. R

    Choc/ Coffee Oatmeal Stout

    Hey guys, I’m planning to brew up a Fergs oatmeal stout this weekend, using a wort kit (from Grain & Grape). I wanted to add coffee beans and cacao nibs to the brew. But wasn’t sure how to add them? At what stage and whether they should be added directly into the fermenter? I’m leaning towards...
  6. sparkycameron

    Recipe Help - 4 Pines Amber clone - All Grain

    Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster. Had a few 4 Pines Amber Ales on the weekend and am keen on attempting to recreate it. From their website: Tasting Notes:Ruby in colour, with rich copper hues. Hop driven aromas of currant & pear, rounded on the palate with a toasted malt character...
  7. Gillman

    Black Hops Hornet Clone

    Hi, I am looking at brewing a Black Hops Hornet Clone next week. They give some info on hops and malt on their websites. Its also listed at 60 IBU and 6% on Untappd. So I've come up with the following for a 19L batch: 82% Pale Malt 10% Wheat Malt 5%...
  8. L

    Malt help

    So i have a heap of spare grains i want to use up. I have these malts left 3.5kg Castle Pale Ale Malt 0.4kg Caramunich II 1kg BB Medium Crystal 0.7kg Victory I would love to put them all together and see what it ends up being but i would think it would be something of a biscuity, bready...
  9. AzfromOz

    Where has all the 2-row gone?

    Where has all the 2-row gone??? No-one seems to have any! Planned an American IPA, with a grain bill of 5.1kg of 2-row, a little bit of Vienna (450g) and 150g each of Munich and Carapils. If no 2-row is on the way, any suggestion on a good alternative to 2-row in an American IPA? Cheers Aaron
  10. mkortink

    English Bitter like Honey Rider's

    Hi, I had an english best bitter at Honey Rider in Neutral Bay NSW in the weekend and want to copy it using extract kits and the standard "23 litres in a bucket" method. The best bitter had a wonderful "mushroom" taste, think this taste may be referred to as biscuity by the experts? The brewer...
  11. Hez

    BIAB American Amber Ale

    Hi, For my next beer I want to make an American style Amber Ale. I've been reading and studying as usual... American Amber: Style Profile: American Amber Ale Recipes and Beer Style: