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English Bitter like Honey Rider's

Discussion in 'Kits & Extracts' started by mkortink, 15/5/18.


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    Posted 15/5/18
    Hi, I had an english best bitter at Honey Rider in Neutral Bay NSW in the weekend and want to copy it using extract kits and the standard "23 litres in a bucket" method.

    The best bitter had a wonderful "mushroom" taste, think this taste may be referred to as biscuity by the experts? The brewer was kind enough to share his recipe. I could try to modify a Coppers English Bitter kit but doubt I would get very close.

    Recipe from Brewer: "The yeast is s-04, good for English ales and highly flocculant which is great for us non filterers. I use maris otter malt with a bit of crystal 60L malt and Munich malt. You could steep some of the crystal and Munich and use a good extract. I used moutere hops for bittering at 60min. But anything will do same job. Then east Kent goldings hops at 10min and at flameout/whirlpool. Ferment at 20degrees. Hops that helps"

    I can get Maris Otter extract , Safale S-04 yeast and East Kent Goldings. Moutere hops were called Brooklyn hops and i can get those. There is also a kit for Munich malt. I can also get crystal malt but as grain.

    What am not sure how to emulate is the steeping (soaking) "crystal 60L malt and Munich malt" part, or the quantities involved.

    So my recipe would look something like this, and this is where I would like some help.
    1) Put the Maris Otter and Munich malts in the bucket and stir with boiling water. The can of Munich will act as my "sugar". Top bucket up to around 22 litres with cold water.
    2) Separately boil 20g Moutere pellets for 60mins, add 10g EK Gouldings at 10mins and 10g at end of boil. Strain hop juice into bucket, bag hop residue, add bag to bucket, stir.
    3) Separately bring water to boil, add 1kg Crystal Malt, soak for 30mins, add liquid to bucket, stir.
    4) Add 2 sachets S-04 yeast, one sachet enzyme, stir.
    5) Primary ferment 1-2 weeks.
    6) Bottle, 3 pellets of sugar per bottle.
    7) Age 4-6 weeks.

    Any suggestions on how to get closer to the brewers recipe, quantities involved, bearing in mind I have never used grains before so "steeping" is a mystery to me.


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