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  1. Jeremy Bullock

    MyBrewbot Kick Starter

    MyBrewbot Next Generation KickStarter campaign. A completely redesigned circuit board, more efficient software and a new user interface enabling us to provide a future proofed fermentation control system. The new design doubles the number of probes, fermenters and profiles, adds a pressure...
  2. Jeremy Bullock

    Fermentation Telemetry for home brewers.

    Take control from your smartphone with MyBrewbot. All in one temperature control, data hub and fermentation monitor Ships Worldwide! Take control of your fermentation and cold storage temperatures and monitor your beer's fermentation progress online on your Smartphone from anywhere in the...
  3. H

    OG - SG calculation WHEN DILUTED

    Okay, i'm new here. I had a look around and couldn't find any info specifically about what i'm looking for. So here goes. I've been brewing a little while with successes ranging from not great (but drinkable) to pretty much craft beer results. I'm playing about a bit, with my very basic kit. I...
  4. AzfromOz

    losing gravity in the boil

    My science head says this is impossible, but my last two brews have seen me lose or gain no gravity during my boil. Today I had a pre-boil gravity of 1.046 and a post boil gravity of 1.046 (75-minute boil with pre- and post-boil volumes hit (29l down to 20l). The previous brew saw pre-boil...
  5. N

    Fermentasaurus hydrometer tips

    Hi there fellow brewers, Long time AHB trauler, first time poster. So many HB pearls of wisdom and recipes over the years, so cheers to that. I am using my fermentasaurus for the fist time after upgrading from the standard barrel fermenter. Mistake: I drained the chilled wort into the...