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  1. C

    Dry hopping while spunding

    G'day all. I brew in a keg with spunding, so I naturally carbonate & don't need secondary fermentation. This is good because the keg remains sealed after pitching, but I'm wondering how to dry hop. I am currently fermenting an IPA with 60g Victoria's Secret in a hop cylinder. My question is...
  2. M

    Dry Hopping & Bulk Priming

    Okay, so my first time doing both dry-hopping and bulk priming, I have done plenty of reading but wanted to check with the experienced folk on here to make sure I have this correct so I don't ruin my batch or have bottle bombs! My Coopers Pale Ale has been in the fermenter for 10 days now and I...
  3. A

    Cold crashing after dry hopping

    Hi all, I've done some searching and cannot find anything on this specific query. I have made a 2IPA that has a lot of citra and amarillo dry hops. The first lot of dry hops were put in the fermenter about a week after pitching the yeast, and then additional dry hops have been added every 3...
  4. eldertaco

    Epic's 5 – 10 – 15 Rule for Dry Hopping

    Apparently their rule of thumb for dry hopping at Epic is 5g/L for pales, 10g/L for IPA and 15g/L for IIPA. https://www.epicbeer.com/the-5-10-15-rule/ I've never gone quite that hard but I've got an IPA and a DIPA in the ferment fridge at the moment, so I think I'll have a stab and see what...
  5. Yuz

    Hallertau Mittelfruh @ 2.6% AA?

    Hi, I bought Hallertau MF hops for both initial hopping in wort boil and later on dry hopping. I've picked these going by the AA (3 to 5.5%) rating and the fact that I'm attempting a Lager (or sorts) as my first brew. However, when I got them, they were marked as 2.6%. Sort of :hairout:but am I...