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  • I’ve got some goods arriving in the next few days, I’ll let you know
    Hey buddy, I did the exact leap you're looking at doing, last year. I've got a robo brew v3 and have done about a dozen batches. Ive knocked out a few ok beers and some freaking crackers too. You're welcome to come and do a brew day here if you like and check it out before you invest. I'm in New lambton 0407 634 714. just send me a text and well lock it in.
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    Thomas Wood
    Hey mate, thanks for the message. I'll definitely have to take you up on that offer in the future. I've just bought a BIAB and was going to knock over the all grain kit I got for Christmas over on Sunday. If that all goes well hopefully we can both tee up a free day when you do your next brew and I'll watch over your shoulder :) cheers
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