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  1. The Mack

    New to liquid yeast

    Buy a 5L Erlenmeyer flask straight up, perfect for lager starters (or big ales) when using liquid yeast.
  2. The Mack

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I thought it was the air (or N2 component of air) that created the tight bubbles/ mouthfeel / carbonation when pushed through a hand pump? Probably a silly question but what benefits would a bladder provide other that single use/ sanitation?
  3. The Mack

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hey KL team, any plans for a beer engine/hand pump?
  4. The Mack

    A nod to Crankshaft

    Boiling water drives off most O2 (if I recall correctly) so would a keg full of boiled water and 1/2 campden tablet, left overnight- to be pushed out with CO2 or other inert gas be the go?
  5. The Mack

    Counter pressure can filler

    Anyone used the canning station with the 500mL Kegland cans and does it all fit ok?
  6. The Mack

    Late Hopping Schedule - Best technique for maximizing flavor

    Just add the majority of your hops either at whirlpool (or if you no chill, directly into the cube and fill the cube at about 80c). I regularly add no hops during the boil at all, whirlpool, add all my hops to the cube and transfer ~ 80c. Dry hop day 3 or so and again just before terminal...
  7. The Mack

    Buying in a 1V brewing instrument. Advice appreciated

    Brewzilla. Easy, compact, 20L big W pot for sparge water. For what it's worth I have three of them, and having previously BIAB and 3V brewed I wish these were available at this price point when I'd started brewing. If you no chill you can continue to knock out cubes even when you don't have...
  8. The Mack

    Soda Stream refilling over complicated setup?

    I don't invert my 6kg bottle, fill two sodastream cylinders at a time (pre chilled in freezer) with the KL adaptor. Takes about ten minutes to do two cylinders from unscrewing the reg, filling and putting the reg back on. Seriously isn't much work at all.
  9. The Mack

    Adding dex /ldme to an all grain stout

    Kegging a big beer is a wonderful thing if you have the patience, just had a 9L keg blow (Saturday night) of RIS that was ~ 18 months old, was absolutely delicious. I'd only ever have <3 glasses of it at a time but it only made it that long because I've always had other beers on tap as well.
  10. The Mack

    Yeast Farming

    Yes absolutely, I generally store them in larger amounts than test tubes- say specimen jars of 50- 60 mL volume. Up to 6 months in the fridge 1st step is usually a 500mL starter and the yeast from that into a 3L starter. Of course there's always the option of over-building your initial starter...
  11. The Mack

    Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA clone

    What sort of ratio did you go with the hops mate?
  12. The Mack

    Hazyness is NEIPA/Hazy IPAs

    My standard approach for 23L no chill batch: 84% Ale malt (Or Gladfields light lager) 8% Flaked wheat 8% Flaked Oats Mash at 53 for 15, 66 for 60, 78 for 15. Brewbrite and yeast nutrient at whirlpool Cube hop @ 4g/L @ ~80c Day 2/3 Hop addition @ 3g/L Day 6/7 Hop addition @ 3g/L By Day 10 I...
  13. The Mack

    Hopsaboard 2020 Competition

    Does the winner get a carton or something as part of the prize? Is this comp restricted to VIC brewers or do you accept postal entries?
  14. The Mack

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2020

    Is this open to postal entries?