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    Inkbird Thermometer Hygrometer Giveaway+ Big discount Sales

    The timing could not be better! Yes please
  2. The Mack

    Looking for a Mentor

    I guess I'll add into the mix of opinions, make sure you have temp control under wraps- look on eBay for a Inkbird wifi temp controller- plug and play plus you can keep tabs on your phone and adjust temps accordingly. You will need a fermenting fridge. Sanitation- actually should be number 1 on...
  3. The Mack

    Is Cosmic Punch available in Australia?

    Likely the GM thing. The now defunct "Gigayeast" produced a strain called "Vermont IPA" and when they closed and ceased production another yeast company took the same Vermont IPA strain and did some genetic modification to produce some characteristic (or reduce it- can't remember which) but...
  4. The Mack

    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    Constructive feedback in a blind tasting environment has been invaluable, the feedback from last years comp was so good I also put a few entries in this year... It seems like a very well ran comp with pretty quick turnaround of results!
  5. The Mack

    NEIPA grain bill?

    Drop the carafa and lactose completely, (unless you're going for an oat cream kind of thing re: lactose), up the wheat and flaked oats to at least 8% each, Dex/glucose only if you don't hit your target abv. Don't mind GP as it's light and has some malty substance to a otherwise very hop driven...
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    Brewing alcoholic cordial/seltzer

    Above link is good, followed it on my Seltzer brews for the missus...fwiw despite it seeming relatively straight forward I found the seltzer brews a lot more labour intensive compared to beer brewing but I digress. Tried glucose and white table sugar, both were fine. Water was regular tap water...
  7. The Mack

    Things I wish I'd known before brew #1 - or advice from myself if I had a time machine

    -Keep detailed notes about the brewery/ recipe/ fermentation: In hindsight you will understand what may have gone wrong with recipes/ ferments etc- the converse is also true and work out what is working well. -Wish I'd no-chilled from the get go, still bring out the chiller- particularly in...
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    FS: Insulated Mash Tun/Kettle

    All the best with sale mate that is a ridiculously good price.
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    Keg Infection

    Sounds like that might be a great place to focus on- that one tap that was giving you grief.. Sure you'll get to the bottom of it mate- pretty frustrating at the moment though no doubt. Not overly constructive but do love being able to pour boiling water on things in the brewery, just that...
  10. The Mack

    Robobrew/Grainfather is it worth the change??

    I used to run the BIAB gas setup, made it work- held temp ok with the insulation covering but personally it has been unreal moving to a Robobrew. I started with buying a secondhand maybe gen1, and then ended up buying two 35L Gen3 ones. If I had the electrics already for a 15A I would have...
  11. The Mack

    Any ideas or experience with Safbrew la 01

    That's where I bought mine from (Lazydayz)- it's in vac sealed bags (split from a brick).
  12. The Mack

    Any ideas or experience with Safbrew la 01

    I've got some but haven't used it yet, I follow a couple Facebook groups where people have experience with it- Low/ Ultra low/ No alcohol brewing... Main thing I've taken in is not to use wheat in the grist as this yeast will throw a bunch of phenols when yeast is present (don't ask me why- it's...
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    Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI+Brewing heat belt Giveaway+Discount sales

    Yes please, recently bought two of the controllers.. These are the ducks.
  14. The Mack

    Hope brewing super sour series

    Apologies I can't offer the same helpful advice as above but I'll try, I've had a few of their imperial sours and whilst not my cup of tea, my wife loves them. I would think mostly pale malt, probably some wheat, and likely some glucose to get to the imperial level... maybe some lactose...