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    colonial small ale recipe

    Is it a recognized style? It looks to me like an ordinary bitter with new world hops, I would think an English ale yeast will help
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    High initial wort temp

    I'm just drinking a Belgian brune I did in December, I pitched the 2L yeast starter at 24 C, it got off to vigorous fermentation very quickly and rose to 26 C the next day, peaking at 28 on the third day. It is the best brune I have done, it has a huge range of flavors, my point being high temp...
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    Brewing temp

    Oh there are so many things you could do to make it more like Tooheys, have you considered adding chilled horse urine to reduce the temperature 😆
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    Little creatures all grain clone recipe

    Try this https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/little-fellas-pale-ale.78125/
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    Brewing today and sampling beers

    Mashing a Hefeweizen just now and sampling a few beers a mate dropped off yesterday. First beer, Balter hazy IPA. Excellent flavor, just like it says on the tin, the thought that occurred to me is it tasted less like beer and more like a fizzy cordial, though with a dryer finish. Loved the...
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    Best 12 traditional beers in the UK

    It's from London, probably done by a lager top sipping southern Nancy boy
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    Kegs frozen

    Has this happen too, keg was resting against the back of the fridge where the cooling happens
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    Brewing MisHap

    Sorry to hear that Darren, timing could have been better, if we were in full lockdown you wouldn't have missed your licence, still we could be back at it before you get it back
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    Brewing MisHap

    Happy new year Darren
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    Brewing MisHap

    We used to call that a snake bite in olden days in the UK
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    Stopping yeast post ferment

    I have used asafoetida in Indian cooking as it is supposed to reduce flatulence, cold it be used in beer, maybe it is the secret ingredient in Kingfisher lager?
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    Help with Water

    Are you using a lot of no rinse phosphoric acid based sanitiser? Happened to a mate of mine who overdid it a bit, he cut it down and the metallic taste disappeared.
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    Festivus to the rest of us

    Thanks Mark for your input this year, Merry Christmas, really appreciate it, grip that aluminim pole with all your might and hopefully pin Georges dad quick.
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    I browse a lot but don't post much on here a I am still learning and most of the things I want to know about have already been covered so a search is often all I need to do. I do appreciate the input from some of the more experienced brewers, MHB particularly as you always have technical backup...