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    Threecan? or simple rocket fuel

    If you want to lean to the dark side try this: 1 can of dark Ale or Nut Brown Ale 1 can of Sparkling Ale 1 can of Morgans Caramalt Optional ( 1/2 can of wheat malt ) Hops of choice: Try Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo, Cascade, Willemette or all 4 at once! US-05 yeast ( consider a starter or 2...
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    Recommendations for a kit porter(ish)

    I created this recipe when my little girl was born, so I call it Sophie's Porter. 1 can Muntons Nut Brown Ale 1 can Morgans Caramalt Liquid Malt 500g light dry malt ( for the hop boil in 6 litres of water ) 50g Fuggles boiled 15 min 50g Goldings boiled 10 min Grains steeped for 45 min or...
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    next level?

    Kits N Bits allows you to reduce the boil times dramatically. I do a 15 min hop boil, sometimes 20 min max, add that wort to the fermenter. Within that 15 min I've got the kit and a can of LME in the fermenter already. All done within 45 min. To go all-extract I would need a create my own...
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    Coopers Euro Lager

    I've been listening on this site for years to those that say " use better yeast - use better yeast - blah - blah - blah..." At a recent session someone remarked at how much better my beer has been lately compared to say 2-3 years ago. And while I've been sure I always use good extracts and...
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    Temperature fluctuation - Effects on beer

    When my shed gets above 40 deg C even the fridge has some trouble maintaining 18 deg C. There is a limit on just how much power your electric cable can summon from the power station to run the electric motor that pumps the gas that cools the condenser, and so on. One day last summer is was 46...
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    Bloody Nightmare

    A big high five for the sanitising effects of the fermentation process. Way back a few centuries ago the masses worked out that drinking low abv beer was better for your overall health than drinking the dirty water they had available. Our modern sanitation system in Australia allows us the...
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    Toucan stout

    What a devil of an idea. So simple and a wonderful looking recipe. I can't wait to make it now.
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    Brew Rage

    A brew is never wasted, no matter how bad, if you learn from it. In my first years of brewing I would write down what I had learned from every single brew. Bottle it, drink it and enjoy the fact that you made it yourself. And set yourself the goal of doing better next time. My first brew I...
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    DrSmurto's Golden Ale full extract help for a newbie

    For those new to this recipe I recommend that you be careful NOT to boil the hops for too long. The 1st time I did this recipe turned out the best when I followed the boil times exactly. With other batches I have either got carried away with more hops and/or longer boil times. The extra...
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    James Squire Hop Thief 6 - Extract

    Please note this comment is a slam at JS and NOT at you excellent home brewers. I tasted the Hop Thief 6 last week and I thought it should be called flavour thief instead. My partner gave it a sniff and was highly critical of it for lack of depth. She said it was nothing like some of my good...
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    Bloody Nightmare

    Cooling the wort is one of the biggest challenges for going all-extract. It's easy to chuck a litre of boiling water into a kit can and cool with 20 litres of tap water. From a heat transfer viewpoint, one KG of ice can remove about 10 times the amount of hat that one litre of water at 0 deg C...
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    American Black Ale - Cascadian

    I use the famous Kit & Extract Beer designer spread sheet made available on this forum. It shows 7.4% but I it depends how much sugar is removed from the grains, depends if it's a rough steep or a proper mash. My OG was about 6 points less than the spread sheet predicts so my abv should be...
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    First brew - I stirred in the yeast and I don't see bubbles

    A simple trick with the seals on the fermenter lid is to drown the seal and the underside of the lid in boiling water before screwing it on. This softens the seal and kills any nasties lurking there, and allows you to screw it down nice and tight. That way I get my airlock bubbling nicely every...
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    American Black Ale - Cascadian

    Yes it's bottle conditioning. I bottled on July 21st, took me a while to get time to brew it. I tried one last weekend but it was still way too early to enjoy. I reckon 2 months minimum.