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    Xxxx tap badges

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying these old school beer tap badges? The drip tray is also for sale.
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    Comment by 'qwertyjnr' in album 'Xxxx'

    Anyone interested in buying these?
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  4. Xxxx


    Xxxx badges
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    Mouldy biab bag!

    Thanks everyone. I'll give that a go!
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    Mouldy biab bag!

    Hi Guys, I made a Dr. Smurtos Golden Ale and didn't immediately wash the BIAB bag that I bought from craft brewer. It is now quite mouldy and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way I could save it? Thanks in advance everyone.
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    Co2 bottle Toowoomba

    It also comes with a Micromatic regulator and tubing setup for 2 kegs.
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    Co2 bottle Toowoomba

    Sorry guys 2.3kg. Sent from my GT-i9100 using Tapatalk
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    Co2 bottle Toowoomba

    Selling my co2 bottle its a 2.8kg mykegonlegs bottle. Little bit of gas left in it. $180 ono located in Toowoomba qld Sent from my GT-i9100 using Tapatalk
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    Kegging gear for sale

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    Kegging gear for sale

    As you can see there is a dent on the bottom of one of the kegs. Keg still works as it should though. Also in the fridge where the tap is connected in i wasnt able to tighten the nut as i didnt have a tool long enough. so the tap can be twisted on the fridge door. It is tight enought so that it...
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    Kegging gear for sale

    Hi, i am selling my kegging gear as follows 1 x Beer Fridge with tap installed, fits 4 kegs, $75 1 x 2.3kg co2 cylinder with regulator, about half full i think, $250. 2 x 19l cornelius kegs $90 for both Please note i am located in Toowoomba, QLD
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    Fs: 2 19l Cornelius Kegs :toowoomba

    2 Used 19L Cornelius kegs for sale looking for $50 each. located in toowoomba. Cheers
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    No Chill / Partial Chill / Full Chill Experiment

    ill happily volunteer to be a blind tester. located in toowoomba though.
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    Fire Extinguisher For Carbonation

    ok thanks guys. i think i am going to purchase the ebay cylinder and wait the week or so for it to arrive. on another note, how long can i store uncarbonated beer at 4 degrees for? it's been one week so far. cheers for the help everybody :)