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    EOI - 100L kegs with 4" tri clover opening

    Ive sourced some 100L kegs with 4" tri clover opening from china. Cost would be about au$330 each depending on USD fluctuation, and a minimum buy of 10. Price is landed in Sydney. Would make a great large kegmenter, or cheap stainless 100L brew vessels. Any interest? Me x 2
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    Self Chilling SS Fermenter

    yeah its still doing the job fine. I have added larger butterfly valves, and a different controller, and thermowell. chilling system working well, a mate has a smaller one and the chiller shat itself and it was hard for him to get it replaced. I think they sent him a complete 30L version...
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    FS: 100L SS keg - Melbourne

    I know this item is probably long gone - but does anybody know where to source these 100L kegs? have messaged about 50 people on ali baba who advertise them but don't have any. Cant find any in oz. Cheers
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Kegland - any plans to bring out a single skin conical fermenter or even a kegmenter in the 100-150L size range? Would be great if you did!
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    Style Recommendations : Interesting but Drinkable

    I do a pink lemonade berliner weisse that both beer drinkers and non beer drinkers keep coming back for.
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    Grey beer after kegging

    Thanks Mark, The beer was highly hopped with cryo hops. All things equal with the other kegs that were good - would the fluctuating temperatures of the kegs sitting on the deck have accelerated oxidisation that much?
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    Grey beer after kegging

    I recently brewed and kegged a hoppy hazy pacific ale style beer (75% ale 25% wheat us-05). I brew 110L batchs so i kegged 5 kegs worth. I carbonate and cold crash in unitank and pressure transfer to co2 filled kegs. Now after kegging 3 kegs got put in the fridge, 2 of those have been finished...
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    Self Chilling SS Fermenter

    Yeah i did end up getting the 120L one. Its decent but not awesome. -Few welds arent great. -The heating method is a bit dodgy, but the chiller works really well. -Its advertised as 120L plus headspace but im not sure it holds 120 plus headspace. Probably more like 105-10 tops. -The fittings...
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    Self Chilling SS Fermenter

    Haha wish i had have seen this a couple months back!
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    What's Your Go-To Pale Ale Recipe?

    Pale 87% Munich 10% Dextrine/Carapils 3% OG 1.050 FG 1.011 US05/WLP-001 Your choice of hops to 35-40IBU all in the whirlpool Your choice of dryhop 2-5G/Litre
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    Micro, Mini Keg Tap, Portable Keg Systems, for BBQ, Camping, Travel

    has anyone had any luck using the 16g bulbs and KL mini reg long term. I mean setup in a fridge where the user might have 1 or 2 beers a day, not a party setup where you screw the bulb in and drain the keg. Do they hold pressure well, or leak like a sieve over a few weeks?
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    Kegmenter. Are they good to use?

    Yeah I have an old kelvinator fridge that fits a 50L keg with 2 cornies next to it, all on one shelf above the hump. about 700 wide from memory.
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    Kegmenter. Are they good to use?

    yep since starting pressure fermenting i have been dry hopping when i pitch yeast to avoid the wort volcano. beers have been fruitier and delicious.
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    19L portable set up

    Yeah just look on gumtree. Youll find some for $20 a m2 or so eventually
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    19L portable set up

    here's mine - found the panels on a bowling club demo. you could do it out of eps insulation and glue some ply or other lining material to it. have used it a few times. ran out of beer before it gets warm.