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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hey Kegland, Got my Brewzilla. Just sorting out power. Before I go ahead and use it for brewing, should I clean it? I have sodium perc/sodium met/pink neo and keg and line cleaner. What would you recommend? Thanks
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    Perth single vessel brewing

    Loads of us use them around Mount Hawthorn/Tuart Hill area. My advise, join "Perth Home Brew Share" on facebook. We got 4500 member around WA, sure you'll find someone round freo with a single vessel :)
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    WTB: 40L Birko Urn - Perth

    May be worth looking into a Robobrew brew as well. Is this for a BIAB set up?
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    Mandarina Bavaria dry hop ?

    You may as well use it.. no point in really keeping 25g. I used it and meh.. Wouldnt buy it again.. it was ok but pretty subtle and didnt bring much to the table
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Well that answers my questions.. I know I didnt medal as my mates didnt post me pictures, but keen to see how the beers went from State to Nationals
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    No Chill and whirlpool

    So you avoid getting proteins in the cube for clarity/appearance reasons? And that alone? Just interested to know as I usually try get as much into the cube as possible.. Volume is more so my preference.. Wort/beer clarity is something I generally dont give a shit about. I've been doing...
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    Happy to be here!

    I did extract for a few good years before the grain bug got me. Are you temp controlling? I guess this is a big key for brewing. Also swapping out the standard yeast for specialty yeasts. If your not temp controlling I would skip the whole lager cans...infact in general I would just skip the...
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    Reusing cider yeast cake

    I don't see why not. Why don't you pitch straight ontop of the cake? Don't want another cider right now?
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    Corny Kegs in Perth

    you north or south?
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    Corny Kegs in Perth

    try Andrew @ bulk brewing supplies. I has some re-conditioned ones.. i think around $70
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Yeah would love to come. I know a few of the WA guys going and sounds like a good gig.. Sadly I can't make it :/
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    Red Lager recipe advice

    Nice. How'd the colour go? Happy so far?
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    ah ha.. I managed to get 2 in. Very doubtful any will medal this year.
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    Current Tap List.

    For the sake of banter... What's your current tap list like? It's taken me a while to get my tap list into some sort of decent order and finally decided to host a little get together so on tap at the moment: OATMEAL STOUT - 7.2% CHAMOMILE KOMBUCHA - SFA% BROWN ALE WITH HINTS OF ASTRA HOP -...