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  1. Muz

    Grain storage strategy

    Looking for some advice on grain storage. Until now I've been ordering each grain bill from the LHBS. I'd love to start buying grain in bulk in advance so I don't have to do this but I'm a little unsure the best way to do it. What grains do people keep in what quantities? If stored properly how...
  2. Muz

    Two fermenters in one fermentation fridge

    I've got two brew buckets and one large fermentation fridge which both will fit in. Problem is if I'm fermenting two beers at the same time I'm not 100% sure of the best way to control their temps. To date I've been choosing a temp mid way between the two and dangling my heat belt and temp...
  3. Muz

    Saving a Wee Heavy that hasn't started fermenting

    MHB. Love that idea! That's exactly what I'll do. @razz - First stage starter was 2L @ 1.036 for 32 hours. Second stage was exactly the same. I then stored the starter in fridge for a few days and spun it in 600ml 1.036 for four hours before pitching. This was a "vitality starter" to make up...
  4. Muz

    Saving a Wee Heavy that hasn't started fermenting

    Hi, I brewed a Wee Heavy on the weekend with an SG of 1.098. I built up a multi stage yeast starter of Wyeast 1928 Scottish Ale yeast before the brew day and I noticed there wasn't much activity in terms of krausen/bubbles on the stir plate. I hadn't used this yeast before though so I thought...
  5. Muz

    Re-capping Russian Imperial Stout

    Thanks @razz. You're right. If there is some yeast in there it must just need time.
  6. Muz

    Re-capping Russian Imperial Stout

    @Vini2ton yeah, I did think about that. It increases my odds of at least some of them carbing up.
  7. Muz

    Re-capping Russian Imperial Stout

    I've got a RIS in bottles in my cupboard and I'm having issues with carbonation. I'm considering popping the caps, adding some CBC-1 yeast and then re-capping. Or maybe I just need to be patient? The beer is a RIS which I brewed a few months back. The yeast is Wyeast 1968 and it was in the...
  8. Muz

    How much do you leave in your boil kettle?

    Just brewed today and I'm wondering how much everyone leaves in their boil kettle when they drain to the cube/fermentor? I have a boil kettle with a pretty high valve outlet. I use a hop spider so I keep hops out of the wort when I'm draining it but there is always heaps of kettle trub at the...
  9. Muz

    First attempt at a Russian Imperial Stout - questions and advice

    So, I wanted to brew a few different things before the world ends. I've always wanted to brew an RIS but haven't got around to in until now. I'm using as a base the Brooklyn Brewery's Black Ops Clone recipe from BYO: https://byo.com/article/the-king-of-stouts/ Questions: 1) So the recipe...
  10. Muz

    Modiferm in the freezer

    Quick one. I purchased some Modiferm the other day from Grain and Grape. When I got home I put all my hops in the freezer, not realising one of them was actually modiferm. It should be still good right? It's an enzyme so freezing it wouldn't do anything?
  11. Muz

    Optimal StarSan content in beer

    Haha. Good advice. I've had success with blow off tubes for a long time as when a drain the fermenter I disconnect it and replace it with a CO2 filled balloon. This time, taking the gravity sample from the port of my SS Brew Bucket was enough to start a syphon. I didn't even know it had happened...
  12. Muz

    Optimal StarSan content in beer

    So, how much StarSan can be sucked into a beer from a blow off tube before you can taste it... asking for a friend.
  13. Muz

    WTB - 26 Litre Brew Bucket

    Haven't used a cube. I have a second fermenter at the moment but I'm after a second brew bucket so I can stack them in the fermentation fridge.
  14. Muz

    WTB - 26 Litre Brew Bucket

    Subject says it all. Looking for a second hand brew bucket. Preferably the one with the thremowell but can deal with the one without. I'm in Melbourne (Preston).