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    Let's Freeze Some Yeast

    reviving ( see what I did there) an old thread. About to spin up some 1968 that's about 5 years old. I can't remember whether to put the glycerine in with the yeast when reviving it. I will decant what I can but from memory a little is good for the yeast
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    2021 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 19th June 2021

    I think you will get a copy of the score sheet, I haven’t checked with the team. Was a good day thanks to everyone involved in organising, stewarding, judging and of course submitting entries. Tried some cracking beers, well done to all that entered and congrats to those that place. looking...
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    Ideas for a new homebrewery garage

    Drainage, water, hot water a bonus, fan/extractor, plenty of storage for grain buckets, empty kegs, equipment (maybe a separate the dry and wet areas). Plenty of wall space to mount a hose holder, filter setup and other various bits an pieces, a sink that drains into the sewer to dump yeast and...
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    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    I have built a few kegbot systems which are great but the raspberry pi display and interface looks better than kegbot. The live pour (if using a tablet) is cool on kegbot, unsure if raspberry pints does this. I am tossing up between raspberry pints and brewpi as my next project. Once my...
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    No chill bladder (cube alternative)

    Worked an absolute treat. Found if I pulled the bag up to let the liquid set in the bottom after about 5L it took the weight off the lid holding on to the milk crate and didn’t have any issues. The bags seem to hold 23-24L (KG of wort so maybe not 100% accurate). I am now ditching cubes and...
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    BrewPiLess. BrewPi on a single Wifi board.

    Have you put your default gateway in to the brewpiless? You can run your brewpiless on your wifi and still run the AP for ispindel to connect to it
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    Lallemand Philly Sour yeast

    I couldn't find an existing thread in the yeast section, apologies if there is one... Anyone got experience with this? I brewed a 80% pils 20% sucrose test batch and threw 2 packs of philly sour on it at 25 degrees. After 6 days it's down to 1.010 and has a very nice tartness. Haven't tested...
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    No chill bladder (cube alternative)

    Well the milk crate idea was bang on, perfect fit. I'll probably cut the side off and sit on top of the coopers fermenter I've been using (all on scales as you said). With this method I can probably do away with the 15L cubes I have been using too. I did have 1 out of the first 2 expand and...
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    No chill bladder (cube alternative)

    Thanks Mark, some good info. That filling aid gives me an idea. Could probably rig something with a few coathangers... Fermenting in the bag is an interesting idea, will you drill a hole in a lid for an airlock or just use some cling wrap and prop the bag up with something similar to the above...
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    No chill bladder (cube alternative)

    Has anyone got much experience with these? I used them for the first time for a double batch and they worked well. I often knockout 15L increments on my large system then dilute when I pitch...
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    Reculturing Coopers Yeast - Stepped starter?

    yummmm gulden draak... If culturing old or small amounts of yeast my regime is: 1.020 in 50ml stepped to 1.020 in 100ml then 1.040 into 500ml followed by 1.040 into 2L you should see condensation around the top of your flask which would indicate activity
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    Kegbot (flow meter and digital taplist) project

    There is a pretty good updated guide on the forum for kegbot. it is essentially: Install Ubuntu (use noobs it's very straight forward) Run the kegbot scripts Profit I have to reinstall every year or two for whatever reason and there is enough info to put it together. Happy to answer any...
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    New Brewery Build

    Update and musings: The brewery has not missed a beat. I brew about once a month, sometimes a double brew day. I can knock out 8 x 15L cubes (per batch) and dilute in to the fermenter, I don't really chill as it wastes too much water for my liking. The only painful thing with the setup is...
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    My third and final apprentice brewer arrived 6 weeks ago, I’ve had to rename my yearly RIS from...

    My third and final apprentice brewer arrived 6 weeks ago, I’ve had to rename my yearly RIS from “moad and sons stout” to “moad and co stout”
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    WTB - fermenting fridge Newcastle

    Cheers Les I found one on gumtree in Toronto for $50.