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  1. mika

    2013 W.A. Xmas Case Swap

    Thanks for the heads up guys, but to be involved in a case swap ... and I could be wrong, it's been a while, But I seem to recall you actually need to brew something. As my brew system hasn't had the covers pulled off it in near 2yrs, I could put my name down, but the chances of me brewing...
  2. mika

    Help designing Brew Stand

    Presumably get's rid of the bag from the setup, if going for conventional manifold in the rubbermaid. Presuming you want to get away from the bag; Everything you've described sounds fine. Recircing the mash is just draining a litre or two off at a time and returning via the top of the tun onto...
  3. mika

    Camping And Electricity. A Question.

    A 15A plug will fit into a 10A socket... just takes some persuading :ph34r:
  4. mika

    Stuck/Slow Ferment

    You haven't switched from Hydro to a refrac by any chance ?
  5. mika

    Sail and Anchor...?

    Believe the brewery was closed at about the same time as ALH buying in (2010 sounds about right). Since then their own beers have been contract brewed by a larger name company located close to Fremantle.
  6. mika

    Large Scale Stir Plate

    Seems Overkill for a 5L stirrer. My computer fan based stirplate using Lethal's circuit from the 'Tightarse stirplate thread' spins up 5L without a drama. Almost as well as the IEC stirrer pic posted above, but either way, more than enough vortex to facilitate oxygen exchange, CO2 beating.
  7. mika

    Wells Bombardier Recipe

    What are you changing on recipe #2
  8. mika

    Buying Grain In Perth

    Roy at TWOC in Bibra Lake (www.homebru.com) have sharpened their pencils recently and not bad on price and selection. My pick would be Nev at Gryphon Brewing, he's in Bayswater, bit better for Northerners. And I hear Neil at Brewmart (up North somehwere, maybe south Geraldton) is also doing...
  9. mika

    Brewing Without Sulfites?

    What sanitiser are you using ? Sulfite's in Wine/Champagne is how they deal with the bugs (no boil method), so almost unavoidable in that situation I would imagine. Surprised the craft beer's are throwing up sulfite's though ?
  10. mika

    Worth Getting A Grain Mill And Bag Grain

    This is ultimately my reason for continuing to own a mill. Originally, yeah the HBS was a fair distance, but I can live with that. The bigger issue was I'm 99.9% positive that grains I wanted were being subbed with other brands/types because the HBS didn't have them at the time. Now I have ~7...
  11. mika

    Wa Christmas Case Swap 2012

    I'm heading to Nev's in about 5minutes to pick up some bits and pieces. Anyone who's got their shit sorted and wants a lift between Gosnells and Nev's, send PM now ! Won't be staying for the festivities unfortunately.
  12. mika

    Perth Royal Show

    Have heard from several other people that the feedback for amateur entries was pretty average. If you feel strongly enough about it, put a concise PM together and ping it on thru to me. At the moment I'm the current amateur rep on the PRBS committee, so I will raise your concerns. From what I'm...
  13. mika

    Perth Royal Show

    Reply back is that most were handed out at the awards night. If you didn't grab them then, they've been left with Brewmart for pickup.
  14. mika

    Perth Royal Show

    Will pass that info along to the WASABC organiser, sheets were completed for each beer, might have got lost in the system somewhere.
  15. mika

    Little Creatures Pale Ale Post Buy Out

    Never got the 'rust' or 'metallic' in the glass, only when drinking from the bottle (375mL). Wipe the mouth of the bottle and taste disappears. Have put it down to beer trapped under the lid, either not being rinsed properly after filling (have heard this discussed by other breweries), or...