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    I pre bake a i am in a normal oven cranked up to full. i have a stone in there to retain heat but preheat a terracotta pizza "plate" a well that i bake off the dough on for a bit, wip out chuck on the yummy stuff and back in to cook
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    Spray ball washing the Keg.

    go ozito they have 3yr warranty take a photo of the receipt and email it to your self for to keep it xu1 are shit
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    why oh why would anyone make ginger beer? waste of good sugar and water

    cool weather may have slowed your bottle fermentation back in the day my bottler GB took a while to get fizzy when it was cooler temps did you put sugar in each bottle ? what size bottles and how much sugar each when bottling ? i used to make heaps, the friday night crew would come over and...
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    WTB - Old grain sacks

    if you not fussy capalaba produce sell 2nd hand feed sacks for 10 for $3 some are more like a plastic bag some are the grain sack style call b4 you go in to check they have some
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    Bris 23l kegs they make good cheap SS pressure kegmentors
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    ahh i thought it might be just flushing with c02 i have been flushing my drinking keg with co2 by just giving them a quick blast of gas to maybe push out the 02
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    Looking for 30l Kegs

    years back i saw a skip full of 30's at the local scrapper yard.... made me sad :question: they were import keg from OS and to many $$$$ to send back empty
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    How much power can I draw with Portable Elements

    you should try to run them from 2 diff circuits if possible not from one double power point that 4800w from the one point is a lot of draw = may be over heating up wires = risk i often quicken my boil using 2x 2400 but from 2 circuits but boil on 1 x 2400
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    i reckon my beer is way better since i started pressure fermenting "better hop forward ales" i got no idea if i have suddenly turned into a better brewer = unlikely or it is the pressure fermenting = more likely IMO a big part of it may be the more closed less O2 brewing system it creates in...
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    Free fridge hawthorne bne QLD today.

    Fridge works ok seals ok but could replace. Need gone today or dumping at scrap yard. Could help deliver within a few films but not driving far...
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    Brewing Gear For Sale Brisbane

    ill take the if not gone, PM u KK 2200W Heating Element with power cord $20
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    Nice Guys Brewery & Bar, Richmond (VIC)

    good luck with it mate, hope to hear your cranking out the brews before too long !! :overhead:
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    Beer stuff for sale Melb

    you can use it to dispense beer = very cheap co2 cylinder great for backup or just starting some fire ex-cylinders let you screw a reg straight on OP will confirm if this one does
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    Remove sediment in primary instead of racking

    yeah kegs are the go... IMO 1st you should consider a fermenting fridge, temp control increases the quality of the beer as well. maybe just get some smaller bottles and give that a try 1st = cheap option