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    Making Passata/Tomato sauce

    Almost time again... ​Who's doing Passata this year? ​We might be giving it a miss this year unfortunately
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    Mill wear ?

    Also check your end plates are square. I've had a similar issue with my MM3 a few years ago
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    Sound deadening/proofing a vehicle

    Ok so dynamat etc work by adding mass and lowering the resonant frequencies than converting that energy into heat energy dissipated by the foil backing. Now the mass add works. Does the foil backing wank work? I don't know. I'm not convinced. I've dynamatted the shit out of my patrol and yet...
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    My reverse offset smoker build

    What made you choose an off set over a vertical cabinet type? Obviously offsets look cooler...
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    Making Passata/Tomato sauce

    I'm just trying to find out if I can get the different sieves locally. The standard sieve is 1.5mm apatures but they have a sieve with 1.1mm apatures and another with 2.5mm apatures. I think I want to try the coarser 2.5mm sieve. We had no issues with the sieve clogging this year but we have...
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    Making Passata/Tomato sauce

    My wife and I did 100kg and got 64 X 720ml passata bottles out of that. I have exactly ZERO regrets about spending the buggs bunny on the 1.5hp/1200watt reber it makes light work of it. We started our day at 1pm and we were finished by 10pm Last time we made passata was 2014 when we did...
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    Mowers Advice

    I'd say the opposite (well not entirely). Cast aluminium deck or GTFO. Those pressed tin pieces of shit aren't worth their scrap value. 1/3rd acre I'd give serious consideration to a cheap second hand ride on. I'm on 860m^2 (so like 1/5th an acre) and in spring - **** that. I go steal mum and...
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    Any Vintage HiFi Geeks Here? Difference between a Pot and an L-Pad

    Why don't you contact one of the audio nerds that does custom stuff and get a new cross over made up? Are you using the attenuator anyway?
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    My worst fear about my kids has been realised

    Is this bloke a qualified carer or is he a student carer? I'm just wondering if inexperience has lead to him saying something without thinking. Again like others have said - what was said Vs what has your child heard. In many ways I take my hat off to you for not reacting knee jerk - but by the...
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    Roof top tent on a trailer for me. Parents up top kids down the bottom. Plan is that eventually, when the kids are a little older, we will shift the kids into their own tent away from use (we will go a centre pole type tent with side pole conversions) OzTents are great - B​UT they do take up a...
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    Nitto (air hose) fittings for co2

    You must be buying cheap ones. I run them at work and my reciever doesnt drop any pressure even over out 2 week shutdown at christmas. I've changed to all Nittos from Jamec. The Jamec are too fiddly, jam up, dont flow as well and I often had leaks at the actual fitting. FWIW all our portable...
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    Nitto (air hose) fittings for co2

    ignore me just realised you're only using them on the gas side
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    Nitto (air hose) fittings for co2

    are the seals food grade for beer?
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    Transfer from fermenter with a pump

    Geez I got confused by the number of likes
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    Bottle sizes

    I bottle in 330ml and 640ml bottles. I bought about 600 of each brandnew from Plasdene a few years back. I hate filling the 330's but I find they're a much better size (even if I end up having two most of the time) Pretty much any decent beer comes in 330ml bottles that are easily scrounged up...