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  1. Josh

    Isb Bragot Brew Day

    As it warms up I taste more honey. And it is a lot smother too. I would love to find another bottle. Happy New Year 2018.
  2. Josh

    Isb Bragot Brew Day

    I worked 16 hours on New Years Eve and got home to pretty much no fresh beer. So I raided the cupboard and discovered one of these bottles hiding away. 9 year old braggot fermented with Belgian Strong Ale yeast. Colour is a deep Amber, light medium carbonation. Thin persistent head. No honey in...
  3. Josh

    Car'n Doggies

    I was the other way. Heart Sydney, head Bulldogs. Mind you, I was at the GWS game and saw just how hard at the ball they were. And how good a ducker McLean is. Anyway, the best team won. If they didn't have so many injuries this season, they wouldn't have had to come from 7th. Well done Bulldogs.
  4. Josh

    Max Walker dies, aged 68, after 34-Test career with Australian cricket

    Robert Craddock did a great Cricket Legend show on him. It's airing on one of the Foxtel channels Friday, 4pm I think. Some of those 2.2 ads were great. Remember the aeroguard and avagoodweekend.
  5. Josh

    Poppet valves

    I hold my stir bars to the side of my flask with a rare earth magnet while I'm cleaning out the flask. Then I soak the inside with warm nappy cleaner, rinse with the bar in place and ready to go again.
  6. Josh

    FS: Cascade and Centennial hop rhizomes - Sydney

    Are there any left? I'd take 2 x Cascade if there is.
  7. Josh

    Batch Brewing Company - home brewing competition

    That's pretty cool. I entered the comp. Thought they might have emailed other entrants when the tasting was taking place. So we could come down. I couldn't have made it anyway, but it would have been good to decide not to go. Looking forward to tasting the Schwarzbier. Mine came 2nd at Castle Hill.
  8. Josh

    NSW State Comp 2016

    Stoked that my Schwarzbier scored a 78 and placed 2nd! I brewed that one for the cricket team end of season trip. Good to know it wasn't just mate talk when they liked it, haha. Sorry to the organisers for the withdrawal. Been pretty immobile with a knee injury all week. Thanks to Stu and...
  9. Josh

    NSW xmas case swap

    I'm interested, but after a no-show, I won't be putting my name down until the beer is fermented.
  10. Josh

    Recommended Pubs In Olympic Park Area

    Any idea what happened to the system?
  11. Josh

    Recommended Pubs In Olympic Park Area

    Akasha is open Friday and Saturday. Not a long drive from Olympic Park. Haven't been to Paddy's in a while.
  12. Josh

    NSW State Comp 2016

    How will entries be stored at the showground Stu? I only ask because I bottled a beer this week using carbonation drops and am wondering if it'll have enough time to carbonate. I also have some of that beer in the keg, so I could bottle from keg. But my setup is not ideal for that.
  13. Josh

    Sailors Grave Brewing getting close to kicking off!

    Looks like the drive down the coast road just got even slower. Looking forward to checking it out.
  14. Josh

    2016 NSW Mid Year Case Swap

    Sorry guys, life got in the way of most of my brewing plans the last few months. I have a black IPA fermenting, but it's nowhere near the volume required. So I'm pulling out. Have a good day all. Cheers, Josh 1 pratty1 - Chocolate Vanilla Porter - US05 yeast 2 contrarian - wet hopped IIPA 3...
  15. Josh

    2016 NSW Mid Year Case Swap

    I'll be brewing my Red IPA next week. 1 pratty1 - Chocolate Vanilla Porter - US05 yeast 2 contrarian - wet hopped IIPA 3 barls 4 mikeyr - John West IPA V12 - 12 months refinement and it can now strip paint! 5 paulyman - Tooths 1917 Crystal Ale (Pg 281 Bronzed Brews) 6 n87 - likely IPA of some...